Soccer shoes "Nike" - convenience and ease

boots - it's shoes, without which it can not do any one of the players.They are designed for play in any kind of football.They also include "centipede" (spikes) and futsal shoes (bump).

Among the myriad of models that are currently available on the market, the most popular are the shoes "Nike" and "Adidas".With their selection should pay attention to the type of sole.It affects the transfer of the ball.You should also decide on a surface on which to play football.After each game requires a separate cover shoes.

By type of playing surface divided into boots:

- futsal shoes (bump) for games in the gym.They have a sole made of polyurethane, without spines;

- ¬ęcentipede" (spike) - games on any artificial surface.They have many spikes small size on the entire surface of the sole;

- boots for games on soft ground.They have from 6 to 8 spikes, made of iron;

- boots for games on artificial turf.They have a lot of studs of different diameters;

- boots for games on synthetic grass and hard surfaces.The

y have more than 13 spikes;

- boots for games on the hard ground.They have from 10 to 13 spikes made of plastic.

Football fans use them for play on artificial turf.The number of spikes, and their location depends on the technology, which is used by manufacturers in order to achieve a certain effect of the interaction of thorns and the surface.

boots "Nike" has spines arranged so as to provide them with the owner of the maximum speed and adherent to the surface of the soles of shoes.

Classification of boots on the functional accessories:

- for those who prefer maximum speed.They are produced as light as possible.Among the other models can highlight shoes "Nike Mercurial".Their weight - less than 200 grams.Soccer shoes "Nike" created for the speed of the player.They provide generous support for the foot.These boots are equipped with a multi-directional spikes system for fast change of direction and sudden acceleration.Suitable for playing on grass.At the rear of spikes embedded dual clutch that support by immersing the soil.Their special design prevents jamming of grass between the studs.The boots are made of very thin synthetic leather.In them you will feel easy and comfortable;

- for those players, on which the game is.Cleats "Nike" provide unparalleled passing the ball by inserts made of polyurethane, and the shock-absorbing layer will blow soft;

- for those who takes the ball.If their production is mainly used only natural leather, as artificial leather wears out very quickly;

- for those who are important precision strike.They are mainly used to attack.There are shoes "Nike Total 190 Laser", provides unmatched control of the ball.

new series of "Nike" has improved the texture of the material top and provides extraordinary softness and comfort, avoids unnecessary friction.And her new bright colors cheer up.

Choose those boots that fit you.Feel the incredible ease of play!