Decor clothes: simple, fast, beautiful

Decor clothes will help you create bored of things something creative and festive.Only a few new accessories, and you will become the owner of the original thing.How to make decorations clothes with their own hands?There are several options.Let us consider in detail each of them.

Recently, more and more fashionable direction becomes false collars.On sale you can find striking examples, which are used for embroidered beads, crystals.Decor dress evening plan can to adopt this method without a doubt.Additionally, you can make such a decoration for the usual T-shirts.To collar does not get off, and you can do it stitched to the clothing.

If you love the decor of clothing, and you have an old knitted sweater, you will be able to give him a second life, using conventional inks.Many knitwear created using the technique of knitting braid, with paint on the fabric in a contrasting color, you can add new palettes to your wardrobe.This is a very trendy and up is now a way to change the familiar.

Most of us have a child in school were knit shirt front.The same shape can be made and dickey fabric.For decoration use large plastic beads, figures.Decor dress, for example, the upper, would benefit greatly from such an accessory.This will allow you to stand out from the crowd.You can sew the plastic directly on the clothes, but if his collar can be worn with other things.

small bows on the clothes will allow to give the image of romance and poignancy.You can sew the ribbon to place small holes and thereby save your favorite thing at the same time to update it.In addition, it should be noted that large bows will draw attention to that part of the body, which will be stitched accessory.So if you want to emphasize the chest, a decorative element will be most welcome.

fashionable trend today - is delicate lace and accessories.It happens that the lace even sew clothes, but it is also perfect for decoration of clothes.You do not necessarily sew lace garment, you can go on a little deception.To do this, you need to stretch lace.You can make out of it on the thigh pad to be playful peek out from under the blouse.

With the application of paint, you can add a favorite picture on the fabric.Of course, using the printing machine you can do it faster, but that might be more valuable handmade?You can turn a T-shirt, pants or any other article of clothing into a real masterpiece.

Decor children's clothing is also popular today.Most prefer to use it for application.You can sew the fabric on top of the suit accessories.For decorating children's clothes, by the way, you can make good money, because many mums want their child to look different from everyone else.

decor is perfect for jewelry, embroidery, and any possible work.All you know how to do your hands, you can blend in with the ensemble do their thing, and the original one of a kind.