Most Fashionable Summer Dresses 2011

This summer, designers offer a variety of solutions to every woman to feel irresistible.Fitted silhouette and flowing fabrics, fashionable this season, will allow once again to emphasize the dignity of the figure.

Classic colors.

main color of this summer will be black.To refresh it a little, black summer dress will be complemented with colored accents, lace, sequins and bright accessories.

White, without which it can not do any wardrobe, will shine this time.White cotton dress, have to decorate ladies wardrobe this summer.

Orange mood.

Orange will be the hit of the summer of 2011. It creates a wonderful mood and energizes.It is best to combine this color with purple or white.In addition to orange, relevant this summer colors such as deep blue, lavender, lemon, olive.Along with the bright colors, pastels podium win.

Dresses "on the floor."

Long summer dresses are very much in demand in the summer of 2011. Yet, the first place will be the length of the "knee."It is suitable for office dre

sses and sundresses for pleasure.Mini - dresses will look great at the beach and the town.

Knitted dresses.

at the last show knit summer dresses 2011 created a furor.Semi-transparent mini dress, mesh tunic dress with knitted inserts, and even knitted shoes - a range of fashion gurus offering to adopt this summer.

silk dress.

Chic evening dress of silk, perfect for celebrations.A light silk tunics and summer dresses accentuate your charm while exploring the city.Embroidery on silk dresses will only accentuate their beauty.

geometric pattern.

most fashionable dresses 2011 will strike the imagination of diamonds and broken lines.The bar and peas, constantly vying for the attention of fashionistas this season will be equally relevant.Do not forget to combine the geometric design in clothing with self-colored accessories, and your image will be perfect.

Asymmetry is back in vogue.

Huge selection of styles, distinguished designers, provide a variety of summer dresses, suitable for any figure.Shirt and Tie the cut is perfect for the job.Dresses with drawstrings at the neck - a marvelous beach option.Asymmetric garments "one shoulder" enhance the beauty of the shoulders and neck.Also in vogue will pay cases.

blossom flowers.

If strict lines geometric pattern is not for you, feel free to wear a dress with flowers.Applique, embroidery or patterns in the form of flowers - a gift to all designers romantic nature.Bright or subtle, it does not matter.The flowers will make your summer dress the envy of her friends.

Captivating chiffon.

What material will emphasize the advantages of your figure and hide flaws?Of course, flowing chiffon.Captivating transparent or layered shy, he will wrap the figure and will present in a favorable light silhouette charms.Moreover, in a dress of chiffon is comfortable even on the hottest days.The combination of chiffon - Atlas is perfect for an evening dress.

Sports style.

This summer sports will be represented not only shorts and pants, and dresses.Wearing their best not to sneakers and sandals with lacing.Optimum colors for sports dress - rich, monochromatic shades.

Ethnic style.

summer, rigorous urban landscape is a perfect background for the dress in ethnic style.The intricate designs, are sure to draw the attention of everyone around.

fashionable decoration and accessories.

this year, fashionable summer dresses are embellished with beads, crystals and sequins.Embroidery and applique, also occupy a worthy place.Dresses in a romantic style not do without delicate lace.Home Accessories will belts and sunglasses.