Choose a long dress that's right for you!

Unfortunately, in the life of a modern woman, not so many reasons to dress in elegant evening gown.But if the grand event at which you have to appear in all its splendor, is not far off, feel free to buy the most beautiful dress.

Which dress is probably the most beautiful?Presentable long or Trendy mini?Dress with a deep neckline, or the one that opens the eyes slender back?Template answer to this question is no.The most beautiful dress - it's the one that suits you.

decide to choose an evening dress, take into account the celebration that you plan to visit.For a festive dinner in the restaurant are excellent long dresses.A wedding in which you are going to participate in all competitions rather more comfortable attire.At a party do not wear evening long dresses, short cocktail but in this situation it is appropriate to look.

Going for an evening dress, take into account some of the conditions.
If you're going to lose a few extra kilos, before the celebratory event, do it before you buy the dress.

Otherwise, perfectly matched, it will be on you "hang" in the memorable day.Underwear under the dress should be selected in advance.

Not many can boast of an ideal figure, so the cut of the dress should hide little flaws and highlight your strengths.

If you modestly overweight thighs, do not buy tight short dresses.Best option: dress with slinky top and flared skirt.Flared must start from the widest point of your hips.But avoid too lush skirts.All attention should attract top dress.Not bad if it is strapless or thin lyamochki.

hide the full hand can only arm.In this case, thin straps is not for you.But to dress with long sleeves did not hide your sexuality, focusing on the bare back and shapely legs.Visually lengthen and make your legs slimmer help cut asymmetrical hem.

short, petite woman perfect chiffon long dress with a high waist.The main thing is that the skirt is not too wide, and flowed gently on the hips.The ideal length - below the knee or maxi.

make the figure more feminine help long dresses, tailored on the bias.They need to encircle the waist and chest, and expand a little bit to the bottom.

Hide extra weight can severely cut.No frills and flounces!They are only relevant for fragile, petite women.

Even if your figure is perfect, do not expose all of its charms.If you dress a deep cut, its length should not be too short.It looks vulgar.The open back is better not to be combined with provocative cleavage.Everything should be in moderation.

Traditional colors evening dresses - black, gold, red and silver.They will always be demand, regardless of fashion.Solid dresses suggest a bright accessories and jewelry.But it is worth more cautious approach to the selection of jewelry if the dress sewn from shiny fabric.Stockings for evening dress should be thin, flesh-colored.Black is allowed to wear only dark shoes and a dress closed.

choose a dress, pay attention to your shoes.Do not buy long dresses "to the floor" if you do not wear high heels.But, ballet flats or sandals with a low heel will look good with a short dress or a dress below the knee.

Without bags, a woman will not do, even on a holiday, but what it will be less, the better.Clutches are always relevant to any evening dress, the main color to match the color of the dresses and handbags or shoes.

to choose the right evening dress and related accessories, you will become the queen of any celebration.