The little black dress from Madame Coco

It must necessarily be present in the wardrobe of every woman.It is - it is the little black dress, invented by the great Coco Chanel in the early last century.This accessory looks great and sophisticated fashionistas, and on a normal student, allowing any situation to feel stylish, beautiful and confident.

dress, little black dress

Did you know that the outfit is now an integral part of every woman's wardrobe, in 1926, it was created by Coco Chanel in order to use it as a mourning dress.Madame Coco was first put on her black dress on the day of the funeral of his beloved - and in today's world is no longer considered a mourning robe, decreased significantly and turned into an elegant and interesting outfit, which has more than a hundred varieties.

remained unchanged only the basic principles of: the little black dress should be done in a pure color and with relative ease.No frills, ruffles and buttons - is strictly taboo, a violation which destroys the whole image.But most importantly - this dre

ss is available for any woman that gave him the former mourning, immense popularity worldwide.

Separately, it should be noted that for such a stylish dress in its apparent simplicity are perfect for any decoration.Yet this is abused as a little black dress does not need in addition to any accessories.Classic stringent shoes, elegant small handbag and elegant gold chain - and that's all that can complement the image, completing it and making it unique.

dress for those who know his worth

Little Black Dress is the main decoration of social events.It is chosen by Hollywood stars, emphasizing its status and taste.Elegance, harmony and sexuality - these great features can be expressed in the original invention of the great woman - Coco Chanel.She has repeatedly stated that it wants to create a classic, and it looks like it is fully possible.After going through many decades, its creation is still popular and relevant.Capriciously changing fashion nothing is able to do about it - the little black dress is the thing without which it can not do modern woman.

dress in different ways

original version of the classic dress of Madame Coco can be a black silk dress, decorated with a rich supplement - transparent lace insert.It expresses elegance and youthfulness its owner, its originality and refined taste.

bad for any woman will look dress with slim silhouette, seductive and a little vicious, decorated with "openings" geometric form, which you can see the back.This garment is only for the strong woman, self-confident, and it attracts the views of all the surrounding men.

You can choose unusual and original black dress with a long metal zipper.From the invention of Coco Chanel, it is certainly different, but in the alternative will look perfectly, creating a stunning effect.

Another alternative - black and white dresses.They do not belong to the category of "little black", but are incredibly beautiful and unusual, and a combination of colors is very elegant, so never become unfashionable.Black and white dress can be decorated with large flowers or cells alternate patches of black and white color or thin strips.Madame Coco, of course, this would not have approved ....But the modern fashion does not stand still, constantly evolving, and built on the basis of the invention in 1926 of black dresses different models, beautiful and original.