Leather jackets - for him, for her and for all

Modern fashion provides for the mandatory presence in every man's wardrobe items made of leather.And no "Greenpeace" to fashion trends can not cope - leather clothing creates the most fashionable designers, it is worn by celebrities and the most beautiful models in the world.

Why Leather?

This material is very beautiful and extremely convenient to use in the best way, and underlines the figure, providing exceptional comfort, it can perfectly be combined with other materials.This season is incredibly popular leather jackets and pants made of artificial material, created using the most modern technologies.These products not only look carefully, but after some time acquire the real effect of "rubbing".

jackets for her and for him

Current models are ideal for both men and women.Leather jackets for women are more original and bold in design, are decorated with a variety of unusual decorative elements.That is why these clothes help a beautiful lady to be the most spectacular at any character fashion p

arty.Leather jacket, complete with bright inserts or studs, will be an important part of the wardrobe confident and strong woman who knows her worth, and not afraid to hit others their own special style and extravagance.Even though such a thing will always be relevant to everyday life it is suitable enough.Preference is better to give the classic version, a little more modest, but elegant.

Leather jackets for men, of course, are different from women.First of all, this difference is the restraint of things, the absence of spare parts, high practicality and a certain brevity.Modern jacket for the stronger sex is a thing elegant, harmonious, expressing the spirit of hard men, the nature and habits of all its appearance.As for color, it shows quite modest and restrained.Preference is given to all shades of black, gray and dark blue.Some fashionable winter jacket decorated with fur - on the sleeves or collar, artificial or natural, the main thing - neat and tidy, does not detract from the basic product.

separate category - leather jackets for young people.In general, this category of the population is the most convenient for fashion - clothes for them can be very different, bright and restrained, austere and extravagant easily be combined with any other article of clothing.Youth jackets are versatile and complete democratic jeans and a thin dress.For girls perfectly suited Jackets- "black leather jackets" adds a subtle and delicate way more grace and femininity.For young people jacket with rivets and zippers will emphasize bright courage and continuous movement of youth.In general, in modern fashion, everyone can find exactly what he likes that perfectly emphasize the dignity of the figure, and may hide flaws.

Choice incredibly rich

most popular 2011 models are jacket with buckles, sewn on the bias - classical and more advanced "black leather jackets," worn that you can, along with jeans or even a fashionable part of the season - knitted dresses.

At the peak of the popularity of the classic retro models, concise and easy to combine with a variety of clothing items.

As it turned out, this year the youth prefers not only heavy "black leather jackets", but also soft leather jackets, who have no closure as such.These things are perfectly combined with light dresses, creating a bit frivolous, but cute image.