Clothing Gloria Jeans: a review of the brand

Many parents know how difficult it is to buy baby clothes, because you want to buy quality not only of good quality and hygienic thing, but also to please the child.Despite the seeming rich selection in stores is actually often, what to choose themselves, and not anything else.More recently, clothing for children was either imported and expensive, or ugly or poor quality, but affordable, and only a few years ago began to appear, domestic producers making a stylish, affordable, high-quality clothing.One of the most famous brands - Gloria Jeans, specializing in children's and teenage clothes, mostly denim or cotton.Thanks to its quality and attractive appearance clothes Gloria Jeans for a short time on the right has won the love of customers.It is practical, comfortable and, most importantly, are equally like both children and their parents.

Brand Gloria Jeans

This brand appeared in the early 90s.The head office is located in Rostov-on-Don, and manufacturing facilities are located in the south o

f Russia, mainly in the Rostov region.Currently, the corporation owns 15 factories and retail network includes more than 300 brand-name stores, making clothes Gloria Jeans is widespread throughout Russia and beyond.It is not necessary, however, to believe that its acquisition will make your child like many others: the range of the brand is very wide, and each season is updated in accordance with the latest trends and each store only a few dimensional arrays of the same model, so to meet exactly the samethe thing is difficult.The only exceptions are a few basic models, especially beloved by consumers.The product range includes all types of clothing, from underwear to the feather, and all sizes, from the smallest to adults between the ages of 0 to 2 years 2 to 7, 8 to 13 and youth clothing.By the way, do not think that the clothes Gloria Jeans is suitable only for children: large size may well come up and an adult, and the range of the company includes not only clothes youth and teen focus, but also classics.Our own design centers in Russia and abroad will regularly release new current collection.However, sometimes the design is more challenging and bright, but overall not bad.

review the quality and price of clothes Gloria Jeans

Corporation Gloria Jeans characterized in that it produces high-quality products, competitive with foreign brands, but different democratic price.Low cost is achieved through the combination of factors such as the presence of its own domestic production, and also own retail network.The company manufactures products in two price segmentah- inexpensive economy class and stylish and fashionable in the mid-market, however, all its products are of consistent quality.There are closely monitoring the quality of raw materials and using only the best hygienic and environmentally friendly materials from around the world as the main target audience - after all children.Particular attention is paid to the accuracy of the patterns, cut and seams: substandard goods carefully sorted and unconditionally discarded, so the clothes Gloria Jeans, purchased in retail stores - guaranteed quality product.

All this makes the brand Gloria Jeans, and without the benefit of customers love, is very promising.This is already recognizable brand, which will soon be difficult to compete the new producers.For many consumers as Gloria Jeans - a great way out of a difficult situation when you want to buy a beautiful, high-quality thing, but to save money, especially because children are growing very fast.

Unfortunately, not everything is always smooth, and with a large range of product choices in the shops for some reason, often small, and buy clothes Gloria Jeans in other places is risky, because there often get rejected product and therefore even found in the catalogyou interesting model, you run the risk of not finding it on sale.Despite the extensive sales network of stores is not enough, and they are located mainly in large cities, so finding exactly what you need, do not be so easy.Let us hope that these shortcomings will be addressed.