Ski suits for men, women and children

ski suits first appeared in the early fifties of the 20th century and since then, both professional and amateur skiers keen interest in the question of choice of this particular garment.Novice skiers getting into a sports shop, lost among a variety of hanging on hangers and lying on the shelves of many equipment: here and ski jackets and overalls, and gloves.You can also find smaller ski wardrobe items such as sunglasses, masks, hats, and even thermal underwear.

How not to get confused and out of the range presented to choose those things that are high quality and will last more than one year?Professional skiers, riding in the mountains for years, gives a few tips on choosing clothes for vacations in the mountains.

first step is to recall the conditions under which will be operated by a suit.The idea is that the jacket and other accessories Booth rush you at a temperature below zero, with strong gusts, in the snow, storms, and, perhaps, in a blizzard or rain.In addition, a large amount of time will

be held in the immobilized state, namely, during the ascent to the top of the track in open booths.So you should pay attention to such materials, clothing of which will match the season, warm in the bitter cold, and will not be worn out during the active movement on the descent of the mountain.For this reason, all equipment must be designed to trifles and buying ski suits, do not forget about things like thermal underwear and even special warming socks.

During fitting note that these costume details like cuffs, freebies pants, collar should fit snugly to the body, or after the first descent from the mountain they nabёtsya snow and your vacation will be spoiled.In addition, it is desirable that clothes were at least several well-stitched and protected from moisture pockets.It is necessary to put them in a variety of small things, like a handkerchief.

Choosing ski suits better to consider the bright colors.Wearing this outfit, you'll be sure that in case of emergencies rescuers will be easier to find in the snow bright spot.It is also desirable to coat on the sleeve were reflectors.

It is imperative that a suit had at least three layers of material, the first of which is to ensure maximum ventilation of the body, the second - the protection against low temperatures, and the third - by external factors, such as snow or rain.At the same time in expensive suits moisture barrier properties of the outer layer is possible to achieve through the use of a membrane fabric that breathes perfectly, but due to its structure, is moisture.Fabric cheaper suits or breathing fine, but at the same time pass water, or your body will not remain dry, but also to breathe normally would not.

Separately should talk and such important things as thermal underwear.Thanks to a special thread retinue of a plurality of fibers, it turns loose to the touch, due to which it retains the air, which is an excellent thermally insulating layer.Note that in the case of termobelёm it's okay to strap a figure - only in this case will be the best heat regulation.

As the price of ski suits, they start at $ 150-200 per person - the price is not small, but it is not worth saving, otherwise the next year you will have to visit a sports shop again.

Some believe that women's ski suits in appearance should differ significantly from those of men.Yes, and this equipment there is a fashion, but it is not so categorical as in the case of casual clothes.