Fashion on the plateau of the Year 2011

Did you know that the dresses of 2011 - this is a true 100% success in any situation in which it is impossible not to look chic.Designers have developed special outfits, which will be able to emphasize the dignity of the figure due to the lovely ladies of varying length, cut, style, color and purpose of the dress.

In 2011, you turn a head dress with translucent inserts, black short dresses of varying lengths from mini to causing burning maxi, bare shoulders, corsets, ruffles and stones.All this is the fashion in 2011.Detail will pay attention to the classification itself attire.

Fashionable Dresses 2011 - model styles and colors

This year, the most fashionable silhouette is pear-shaped and elongated silhouette, silhouette "hourglass" and a silhouette.As for fabrics, the considerable popularity for the dress fall 2011 are packed satin, leather, mohair, wool and cashmere;Dress for summer 2011 - a reflection of glossy fabrics, chiffon and silk.

course, black - it's timeless classics, which at all t

imes has never ceased to be a success.However, do not forget about the gray, as well as its arbitrary colors: coffee, chocolate and deep sand.Dynamics of pastel tones is defined by bright accents: inclusion mandartnovogo, bright blue, turquoise, red and yellow.

Fashionable Dresses 2011 - geometric and architectural tailoring

Style 2011 emphasizes the shoulders - they are slightly raised, collars used rack, with the presence of asymmetric flap and shapes, complex shapes drape.There is still demand neckline dress with one shoulder.For any figure perfect asymmetrical dresses (tops, sleeves, cuffs and skirts).

Fashion dresses 2011 with a retro slant

Retro style is back in fashion.Bright, unusual and trendy clothes speak for themselves.The only time - it is the selection of accessories: hat, belt, shoes and bags, as well as a stylish hairstyle.Agree, only dresses 60s perfectly emphasize the shape, full skirt will give you the pomp and femininity, and the silhouette of the "hourglass" will certainly give you elegance.

Fashion dresses of 2011 - the parade because the parade

This year, the designers produced an unusual evening dresses, which at first sight would not allow you to pull attention.Wearing one of these options, you will certainly feel like a queen on his own ball.Their strength lies in a kind of shock value, they are made of unusual fabrics.Used sequins, feathers and rhinestones.These dresses should only be fitted and fitting.Closer to cold to replace light feathers come along with leather dress.

2011 - a new year, which gives the most vivid and lively outfits.You will not be bored and stand in line for a gray dress.You are waiting in the shops most exclusive variety of dresses that will not let you look bad.Importantly, do not forget to bring your man, and show itself in all its glory.After all, the fitting is also ideal to show the significant other that you can be different and it's all thanks to the outfits.Seeing you once the water of the dresses 2011, your husband or boyfriend is sure to gain you the most suitable option.You doubt?Pick up and check for yourself.

Not that adorns a woman so as new outfits and chic hairstyle.If you are going to buy a dress for the secular parties, so buy your husband lived alone desire to derail it with you after the end of the evening.That is the type of evening dress should bring to mind your partner.That this is the power of design dresses 2011.They are designed to trifles every detail.For a woman, that's what's undeniable is the component of the attire.Only paying due attention to your wardrobe, you can succeed.