Coats - most comfortable clothes in winter

What clothes winter in our country is the most warm and comfortable?Of course, it is cozy and comfortable, always stylish coat.Decorated fur, they are suitable for every outfit - a winter coat, even jeans are perfectly combined.Neither winter collection of fashion designers can not do without this part of clothing - and what will be fashionable to wear this year?

autumn-winter season

winter coat with fur - almost ideal choice of any girl or woman.It performs several important functions, including not only warming, but also underline beauty slim ladies figure.It is an excellent solution for difficult weather conditions in our country, some regions quite cold and frosty.And this year the designers have thrown all forces to ensure that maximum comfort was achieved without sacrificing elegance and attractiveness of the appearance of clothing.

Fashionable coats are long and short, double-breasted or smell, trapezoidal and elegant form-fitting, bright and muted colors, but for the most part - in monoch

rome.As for the finish, the winter coat can be decorated with applique and embroidery, fur sheathe.Very often designers like to experiment with the texture of fabrics and a variety of colors, and with long sleeves - this year at the peak of popularity of three-quarters sleeves, beautifully complemented by long gloves.

models for every taste

most popular, according to forecasts of fashion observers, autumn and winter coats will be some models:

- double-breasted coats: the warm winter clothes for their owners, while giving them the kind of stylish and original.Double-breasted coat in the style of "military" made in accordance with samples of old military uniforms - uniforms and overcoats.However, like last year, remains popular coat jacket stylized sea;

- short and long coats: two sides of a gorgeous model.Short, with a length just above the knee, can demonstrate to others the beauty and elegance of ladies' legs, especially if they are shod in high boots and fashionable boots.The long coat is very beautiful and elegant, but in a slush Russian fall quite practical;

- swing coat: made in the style of a kimono or a robe, this dress is very comfortable in the winter.They fixed belt or waistband, and the form can be quite different - from the classic line, to cut trapezoidal;

- close-fitting coat: for those who have something to emphasize.This winter clothes will not leave its possessor without male attention.Thin waist deserves to be proud of it and stressed, and this is the best fit options with additional accessories - belts or straps;

- trapezoid coats: fashion at the end of the last century, do not lose their popularity and now.Of course, in comparison with the fitted models, clothing trapezoid loses a bit, but still remains beloved by many, especially if it is made in two versions: swing or double-breasted;

- fur coats: a special kind of winter clothing, is very convenient and necessary during cold periods.Often the coat is not so much decorated as insulated and take care of their owners.However, sometimes the fur is not only from a functional point of view, but also for decoration - long skirts and puffed sleeves coat, trimmed with fur, look very beautiful and elegant;

- sheepskin coat: a classic version of winter clothing, which is usually called sheepskin coats.Direct decorated with natural fur, made in a variety of color schemes, different lengths and shapes.This garment is versatile winter, warm and comfortable.It is possible to go for a long walk or go to work.