Black Hair

Nowadays becoming increasingly popular black hair, which this year even given the status of the most fashionable colors.This color is considered to be fascinating, sexy and best characterizes the femme fatale.Owners of this color is very bold, bright and extremely charismatic personality.

Black hair by nature given to units of the girls, mostly residents of the eastern countries, so modern girls reach black using hair coloring.But black is not suitable for everyone, so for painting should be approached very carefully and seriously.The question of who is this color, a large number of women care about.

This is a black hair color?

If your natural hair has a darker shade, then you can safely dye it black.But if your natural hair bright colors, it is likely that you do not have a black suit, because it just may add years to you.The same can be said about the owners of red and light brown hair, which is not recommended to experiment with black.

As for eye color, the green and the blue eyes will look wi

th black hair just gorgeous and incredibly beautiful.If you have the nature of dark skin, black color only emphasize its beauty and attractiveness.In addition, it should be remembered that the black hair require darker eyebrows and eyelashes to their past background does not look bright.Stylists recommend to owners of black hair to wear bright colors: yellow, cyan, blue, bright purple, gold, orange, turquoise, green and others.This is especially true of red clothing, which will emphasize the passion and sexy black-haired beauty Captivating all around.

Remember that achieve rich black hair is possible only with the help of chemical coloring, which is not washed off, unlike dye balzamamov.So before you decide to paint in the color you need to think ten times and, of course, consult with an experienced stylist.After display black in the future is not so simple.

How to get rid of the black hair?

owners of black hair sooner or later begin to worry about the issue of changing their colors.But repainted black hair?After all, change the color to any other not so simple.Dyeing, for example, in brown color will have no effect and the hair will remain as before, black.

There are several ways by which you can bring black hair once and for all.So, the first - a lightening of the hair, after which you will be able to paint the hair in the desired color.With this you can also choose the color that best fits your natural - and then you will not have to deal with staining.But this method has one disadvantage.The fact that lightening hair spoils your hair, then you have a long time to treat them.The number of treatments depends on the individual coloring hair type, and determine the duration of the procedure is only possible with the help of an experienced hairdresser.

second method is more friendly, you are required patience and time, a lot of time.Perhaps you have already guessed, it is growing a natural color of hair.Such a process requires periodic sostriganiya tips of the hair to achieve the end result of natural color.If you are short hair, then it is best to cut off most dyed black hair.

As you can see, black hair requires great sacrifices, so if you decide to become an owner of this gorgeous color, be prepared for a possible upcoming difficulties.