Want to know how to wash a leather jacket?

Clothes made of leather - is always in style.And it is fashionable, convenient and practical.Obeying the new trends are changing as the sewing of leather jackets and coats made from this material, and cut their shape, length, finish, color.Models can be classic and trendy styles.But what unites them is always - is the fact that they are natural and easy enough.Modern technologies allow to make super-fine workmanship women's leather jackets.Photo glossy magazines are full of novelties of fashion collections.Such clothes require special care to make it a long time served and kept attractive look.

But washable leather jacket, if manufacturers do not recommend?If you need to prepare clothes for the new season, will have to somehow get out of this situation.Of course, this problem can handle any item of dry cleaning.But the prices are not very good reputation of these institutions contribute to the fact that many people are trying to do it yourself.

But the question arises - how to wash a leather jacket

?If it has a small land pollution or abrasions, it is possible to remove them with a sponge, which is wetted with soapy water with a few drops of ammonia.Once dry, rub a place to shine cloth with vaseline, glycerin, or castor oil.

If you need to clean leather jacket light color, it is recommended to mix gasoline with white powder of magnesia.This mixture is applied to the contaminated areas of the product.Then she carefully removed clothes brush movements.

If contamination areas occupy a large area, we can try to wash items in a washing machine.But how to wash leather jacket in "machine"?Such a product will require delicate wash with a temperature of 30 ° strength and easy spin.After that, you must give the jacket to dry at room temperature.Hang it in a wet form is strictly prohibited!It is necessary to expand it on a solid surface, while carefully smoothing out all the details.

But it may be not just a problem with how to wash leather jacket.The product may lose its original color.Therefore, it will need painting.What do you need?Usually use of water-based dye.Its fixed glycerine, rubbing them soaked cloth.In this state, the jacket is left for 3 days.And only after that it acquires its former softness and elasticity.

to wear leather comes the inevitable attrition of them.This happens in places that are most prone to this process - on the elbows, pockets on the shoulder by the handles of bags, cuffs.Return the color of clothing will help ordinary shoe polish.You can choose the color and tone of the jacket.You just need to put it in place scuffs.But on the cuffs and collar cream is not applied, as it can stain your skin or leave marks on clothes.

now offers a large number of various funds.They are used for the care of leather goods.If the surface has fresh grease, then this problem excellent job sprays.A special wipes successfully purify both fresh and old dirt.But if the stains on the leather jacket was too stubborn, it effectively did take it to the dry cleaners.