Water Tanks: types and scope

Water Tanks - a packaging intended for accumulation, storage and transportation of life-giving water.The main condition which extends to such products - it is safe for humans.Water tanks are made c standards and norms.Depending on the conditions of their use may be produced from plastic, fiberglass, metal, polypropylene.

Water Tanks for trading enterprises of the food industry, the use of private citizens can be large and small.Depending on the application, they can be divided into industrial and domestic.Very widespread today received a water storage tanks.They may be drinking and technical purposes.For the first type used in the manufacture of materials which are resistant to the effects of the sun, do not alter the properties and palatability of the liquid poured therein.

Water tanks made of plastic, do not emit odors and convenient, but they are not resistant to acids and alkalis.If they are made for home use, then the maximum operating temperature of the drinking liquid in them is no greater t

han sixty degrees, moreover, they are not designed for operation under pressure.These products may also be used in the garden as a constituent element of the irrigation system.For these purposes it is better to choose the bins of a dark plastic.

for the food industry used water storage tanks with walls of equal thickness of the monolithic structure.For the transport entity is a cubic or rectangular products with walls made of multi-layer material and / or with a double bottom.The large capacity of over 1000 liters produced from polypropylene welding seamless way.They can be used both at home and in industry.When they are installed on the surface using special metal support.The range of operating temperature from -30 to +90 degrees.They are completely sealed and are safe for the environment.

capacity for technical purposes made from fiberglass.Most often, these products are used for autonomous sewer, collecting and draining wastewater in private homes.In addition, they can serve as a water reservoir for fire fighting.Such containers have a high mechanical strength and chemical resistance.They usually teams.

steel tanks have a very broad functional application.In the food industry used tanks horizontal design made from high material either on an internal surface of special coatings.For fire protection use containers for collecting rainwater.There are also special drives for the effluent to the biological treatment plant.They are underground and surface.Depending on the future operation conditions, the container can be single-walled, multi-sheet metal or heating system.For making use of a plasma cutting sheet material and submerged arc welding.The service life of such containers is at least 10 years, depending on the type and quality of anti-corrosion treatment.