Waterproof mattress pad - a pledge of comfort

In the dream, the baby spends most of his time, so the task of parents - to create favorable conditions for sleep your baby.Contribute to this well-chosen bedding, including mattress.

-quality orthopedic devices has a rather high price.And the mattress served for a long time, it must be protected.Dust and dirt will help bedspreads, but the moisture they can not keep.In this case, a waterproof mattress pad and a variety of oilcloth can help.

Healthy sleep in the child when he does not bother tummy, no skin problems, he was not hungry.Health skin - is the lack of allergic rashes, itching, chafing and irritation.It is necessary that the baby's skin as much as possible and breathe more often.For this kid should be completely free from clothes and diaper.It was in these moments just need to be a child was in a waterproof surface.Help comes a waterproof mattress pad.He must protect the mattress from natural secretions that the baby is not yet able to control.

The composition of the material from which ma

de waterproof mattress pad, includes natural fabrics.
They create a soft top layer for comfortable sleep.Waterproof membrane fabric - a lower protective layer.

MATTRESS waterproof children should be composed of only cotton.This material is breathable, allowing the baby's skin to breathe freely, and the bottom layer of waterproof will provide clean beds.All this will create the conditions for a healthy rest and sound sleep.

MATTRESS or oilcloth - which is better?

MATTRESS is reusable waterproof, it can be easily erased by any means in the case of contamination of this quality does not become worse.With rubber bands at the corners, it fits securely on the mattress in the crib or stroller.Ideally, you need to have a couple of mattress covers that during washing to use the second one.

microfiber layer, whereby a waterproof mattress pad has a soft surface, not break, which is ideal for baby's delicate skin.
This coating is made of pure cotton does not cause allergies and irritation.The main difference from oilcloth - there is free access of air to the skin.

oilcloth - long-known and most popular method of protection from moisture.Usual oilcloth rather dense in its structure, it does not allow the skin to fully breathe.She's tough, any material on it slip that gives a lot of inconvenience.Today oilcloth made from different materials.For example, used tires, PVC, fabrics, polyethylene.The rubber oilcloth can be purchased at any pharmacy and can easily be cut to the desired size.There oilcloth wrapped in a flannel cloth, which does not allow them to stray, and your child will be comfortable enough.A significant disadvantage of this thing is that it is not fixed to the surface of the bed.Even if you cover the entire area of ​​its bed, it can lose.