How to teach children to read faster.

Teaching children to read is one of the important aspects of his personality.Possession of skills cursory reading help to be more successful in school, quickly perceive and understand the writing.That is why many parents are interested in such an important moment as teach children to read faster.

Fast reading as a factor in the good performance of children

When reading a work memory, attention, vision, hearing, thinking, imagination, perception and speech.Optimum reading for children is in the range 120 - 150 words per minute.Reading speed depends on the speed of speaking.Therefore, each person has an individual pace of reading.Parents, ask questions about how to teach children how to read faster, it must be taken into account.If your child reads slowly, it interferes with proper absorption of the text.So, reading the third word, he had already forgotten the former.Too fast reading, children, on the contrary, do not have time to understand the meaning of reading.At an optimum reading, students del

ve into the essence of good writing, will proceed to the assignment.

How to teach your child to read at age 6

Teaching children to read five - six years old, you must not forget the obligatory presence of elements of the game at the same time.Ever since the age of two in the game, the child learns the world around us, and so this type of activity is familiar to him.Through the development of this game is not yet subject to him skills like reading, it will be easy, not naskuchivaya and without straining the child.

How to teach a child to read

Many people mistakenly believe that learning to read should begin with learning the alphabet.However, it should begin with a clear and familiar, so the first step is to recognize the signs.Learning the alphabet is necessary when your child is able to read.

first stage.Reading words

The first step is to read the words that the baby already knows and uses.So first he must learn to read words such as "mom", "dad", body parts, etc.Word for employment should advance to write on separate cards in a large font and red.Gradually, the font will change to a smaller, and the red color - black.Catching up on how to teach children to read faster, you need to remember that important is the regularly scheduled sessions.Also, do not linger too long on one word, or it can bore a child.It suffices to five seconds.No need to show the words beginning with the same letter.With the right approach child will learn in the day for five words.This is followed by adding words for objects and home appliances.This is what he often faces the house: animals, furniture, clothes, dishes, etc.

second stage.Reading phrases

At this stage, your child will learn to combine the familiar words together to form phrases.To get started, enter a word denoting color.They must be written on the cards of the corresponding color.

third stage.Reading suggestions

begin this step is necessary with simple sentences, which are composed of familiar words.Then, gradually, you can continue to spread.For a child will be interesting compilation of absurd proposals, such as: "Lena is sitting on his head."As soon as the proposal grow, the font is reduced.

fourth stage.Reading books

start reading the book, you must take into account that it was an interesting kid, large print text and no more than one sentence on the page, located above the picture.Before reading should explore unfamiliar words and read first, and then consider the illustration.


cursory reading is very important for good school performance.And if you follow the guidelines outlined above, it is easy to answer the question of how to teach children to read faster.The key is to genuinely enjoy any success of their offspring are more likely to embrace him and praise.Only with your support he will achieve great heights.