Stylists recommend: The best dress for women with non-standard figure

fashion magazines and women's sites are filled with stunning photographs of dresses for slender and long-legged girls with model looks.How can you not earn an inferiority complex, if the figure is far from the standards of beauty?

First of all, you need to learn to love yourself for what it is - psychological advice.A well-known stylists offer to comply with simple rules when choosing clothes, picking up just those styles that are appropriate to the type of figure.

has long been observed that the manner of dress can tell a lot about the attitude to yourself.A woman's mood is often very dependent on how attractive she was feeling.Add a confidence in his own irresistibility help dresses for women , that never go out of fashion.

How to choose a dress that will present the figure to the best advantage?

is not easy to find suitable dresses for women to complete, or small stature.Fortunately, fashion this season is quite democratic and allows you to give free rein to imagination, you just have to ex

plore all the features of a good figure and choose the best gowns for women according to their preferences.

Here are some expert advice on the style for the main types of female figures:

Juicy "pear-shaped" figure

Women with silhouette have narrowed upper body and volume, stand out hips.You can balance the proportions, with an emphasis on the first segment and creating the effect of the volume of the chest.

Which dress is better to choose:

  • trapeze silhouette (A-line) - a suitable option for the dresses, and skirts.But it is better to avoid tight dresses from knitted materials, they only accentuate the imbalance figure.Appropriate
  • will beautiful dresses for women in the Greek style (Empire).This style just emphasizes the upper part of the figure, gently hiding all figure flaws.Long dresses in the style of "Empire" are perfect as an evening or festive attire.Additionally, you can decorate the bodice brooch or artificial flower, look good, soft draping.
  • If you need a more stringent version of the office dress, you can stay at semifitted silhouette length slightly behind the knee.In this case it is appropriate to emphasize the line of the shoulders of fashionable form the top of the sleeve.
  • As for colors: better to avoid large figures, looks good small floral pattern (a la cotton) for summer dresses and sundresses.Just like the classic polka dots, floral motifs are back in vogue this season.Also popular strip of different widths, but it must be used carefully.Not a bad option - combined dresses for women with a transverse strip at the top and bottom of the monotonous.

figure resembling an hourglass

This silhouette always looks attractive, regardless of size, because it is quite proportional.You only need to skillfully take advantage of the figure: to emphasize the chest and waist, and make less protruding belly, full hips, lightly drape.

perfect dress for the "hourglass┬╗:

  • Just this spring in favor of retro and dresses for women in the style of the 50s.This style is characterized by a clear fit waist and slightly flared skirt (length - just below the knee).By the way, these outfits are very fond of the famous show-woman Anfisa Chekhov, she knows how to best present your figure around and did not shy about his "mouth-watering" forms.
  • order to visually lengthen the figure, it is better to leave open the neck and choose dresses or sundresses with a V-shaped neckline.Line chest can emphasize the sculptured lines, an interesting form of a collar or a very small drapery.But we should not excessively overload the top bulky items.
  • can choose semiadherent dresses for women straight or slightly flared style , but do not hide the figure baggy clothing.It is better to emphasize the waistline contrasting strap or belt - such accessories are more relevant now.May be slightly prisborennoe waist skirt or small folds, you can also experiment with pleating - light flowing dresses of silk and crepe-chiffon pleated skirt promises to be a summer hit.

General advice for girls and women with any figure: this season will be popular and whites in clothing, and the most incredible bright colors.The main thing - is not afraid to experiment with styles, shapes and colors, but can be empirically developed his own style of dress.

Tatiana Zinkevich