Pink dress: romantic and glamorous

Cocktail dress great Audrey Hepburn was sold at auction in New York for more than a hundred thousand pounds.What caused such a high cost?Not only that the garment belonged to the great actress, but also that it was a pink dress is incredibly fashionable in the 80s of the last century shade, and do not lose relevance in the present century.

fashion for pink

Dresses pink again become extremely fashionable.They often appear under the "sights" of cameras of journalists such famous ladies like Cameron Diaz, Sandra Bullock, and, of course, Paris Hilton, the largest in the whole Hollywood fan of that color.Many journalists still can not agree in opinion, is there any thing in her wardrobe, painted in other colors.History is silent on who and when for the first time wearing a pink dress, but maybe it was the blonde, well-known for his love of such escapades.That is why all shades of pink - "the color of Barbie" - considered an essential attribute of the image of women with blond hair.

no reason for panic

On the topic of addiction blond to pink color a lot of rumors, jokes and anecdotes, but the actual beauty did not feel on this occasion no worries.This shade is a symbol of helplessness, femininity, youth and naivete, that is, qualities that no man will not leave anyone indifferent.By the way, we came up with the stronger sex for blondes such narrative momentum as "cloud", "sweet kitty", "charm and tenderness."For such compliments any girl willing to endure taunts from time to time in making your wardrobe is pink dress, pink coat, it still any accessories of this sweet, frivolous, but such a popular color.

Hue for all

Few people know that the clothes are made in different shades of pink, can effectively look for the girl with the different hair color, not only blondes.Brunette and red - the color perfectly accentuate the freshness of their skin, give a feeling of lightness and airiness of the image appearance.In addition, no other color is not able to lift the mood and attract attention as the pink in various shades.

outfits in such colors should be chosen very carefully - in any case, do not buy it for a formal event or campaign work.Pink dress - robes for the feast and bright explosive effect works, but not for the solemnity.Also, be aware that the "candy" color is not for all the ladies with some figure flaws, as it has the property visually almost its full owner.

best additions to dress the same color are several small ornaments, made of "transparent" stones and silver high heels.In the new century, fashionable enough extreme combinations such as pink with black or white, with "tone blondes" is best used as a large and small bright prints.Very nice and stylish looks pink dress with white shoes and the same accessories - jewelry, purses and belts.

pink dress - pure summer version of women's clothing, especially since most of these outfits are made of light fabrics, air and flowing, which makes the silhouette of his mistress delicate and ethereal.However, sometimes these dresses can be created from fabrics and heavy, dense and smooth, "play", and changing colors depending on the light.

should be noted that the color pink chosen girls and women extremely vulnerable and romantic.If you choose the right style of clothes and fabrics from which they will be stitched, choose accessories and shoes, the beautiful the female takes the form of sexy and charming.