Your clothes which offers brand YOURS

new brand fashion YOUR appeared on the Russian market in the summer of 2001, and by the end of 2002 opened the first store of the same name in Moscow.Since then, and began a large-scale advertising campaign of the brand.In television commercials began to come out with pretty, fashionable, self-confident young people in the highest-rated youth channels.Today, several years later, it is possible to make a clear conclusion that the brand YOUR took place in Russia as a brand and really compete with such well-known international brands such as Mango, Sisley and Benetton.

your style and your clothes - all this has been to make a difference in the preparation of the product range.It became the basis of knitted garments of cotton, mixed polyester, Lycra and spandex as well as 100% cotton.Style YOURS characterized as «sport and casual», all those jackets, sweatshirts, sweaters, dresses, trousers and T-shirts are great for casual wear, as well as for recreation and sports.The democratic styles and simple lines

that characterize this area by thy acquire additional seductive details: zippers, pockets, stylish writing.

shirts YOUR particularly fond of young people 14-28 years old, they also are major fans of the whole range of fashion apparel.However, accustomed to lead a healthy lifestyle, older people, will find many interesting things for themselves.YOUR company produces two collections every year: autumn-winter and spring-summer, but occurs monthly addition to the assortment, which is not done by many other brands.Your clothes selected in yours, will always satisfy your taste for its large range of colors.If you like blue or pink color, and today they are not in fashion, you have to choose between green or classic black, offers popular brands.

In the case of YOURS this can not happen, as many models are available in a variety of colors: cranberry, pistachio, wheat, apricot, brandy, khaki, curry, traditional always white and black, and it is not a complete list!Reviews of clothing YOURS quality and pricing indicate that the clothing itself, and an unusual approach to the needs of customers give their undoubted positive effect.In this brand a lot of unusual.For example, young designers, designing clothes, give each model its own unique name.Boring is called "Pants №1».Much more interesting would sound "Champion" or "Beauty".

Your clothes of these popular collections will always have a sonorous and colorful names.For example, cargo pants "Scheherazade."These pants are now the height of fashion, but they have one major drawback: they are full of the total even more, and make eye dwarf even lower.But somehow inexplicably performed YOUR these pants look great on any figure.It is an undoubted advantage outputs them best sellers.The same popularity and pants have a "Fairy Tale", "Juno" and "Alabama."The leaders of the men's collection are Jacket "Falcon", sweatshirts "Sydney" jumper and "Predator."

Your clothes by brand YOUR focuses not only on the parameters of 90-60-90 advertised.There are excellent fashion models for small and big, thick and thin, and the presence of XXL size XS is the most common.YOUR brand products are produced by Russian companies of large holding "Russian jersey."Qualified specialists were able to preserve the best traditions left over from the Soviet period and time-tested.The whole process of garment production is a closed technological cycle, enabling full control of production, quality and terms of product pricing.It is impossible not to note a clear corporate identity brand stores yours.