Watch "Swatch" - always on trend!

watch "Swatch" for 30 years are popular among fashionistas and fashionistas all over the world.Aggressive recognizable design, a riot of colors, unusual characters on dials and straps, bold style - the characteristic features of the brand, for which it and love so many people.

first watch "Swatch" went on sale back in 1983.The rise in their popularity has been meteoric - a year later the number of copies sold has reached one million units.

its name brand is obliged to two simple English words: "Swiss" and "watch", which translates as "Swiss watch".

Collections hours.A long tradition of Swatch

As manufacturers of expensive clothes, factory releases new Swatch collection of hours twice a year.And companies are often satisfied with the action: releasing series of watches dedicated to various events or devoted some notorious characters.Another favorite topic of Swatch - the creation of models, if returned to the buyer in the past.For example, the clock in the style of a hippie:

watch "Swatch" always have a bold and even "lightweight" design, but that's what gives them the full hit in trendy Maine stream that is what explains their immense popularity around the world, which is why salesthey are growing from year to year!

However, besides catchy youth models in the line of Swatch present and sufficiently concise plain hours (of course, in several colors - from plain black to acid):
Famous "parents" watch Swatch

in the design hours«Swatch» attended by the most imaginative and creative people of the world: Christian Lacroix, Yoko Ono, Kiki Picasso, Robert Altman, Peter Gabriel, Jean-Michel Jarre, Pedro Almodovar and others.

watch "Swatch".Female models

These models differ from the men's smaller and more vibrant, "girlish" colors.The collections of recent years is dominated by women's watch "Swatch" with straps, length twice as desired.Casual sporty style, bright colors, cartoon characters, relevance and quality of the mechanisms - all these characteristics distinguish this watch.Female models are no exception, the main target audience of the company remain bright and bold, always young women.


Collaboration of the Swatch and Mercedes - the car Smart.Catchy, unusual, eye-catching and retaining on itself looks sporty small car loved by many.


Olympics at the Olympic Games in Atlanta (1996) and Sydney (2000) by Swatch served as the official timepiece.And in 2014 wrist Swatch watch will accompany the athletes the Russian Olympic team at the Olympic Games in Sochi.

«Swatch» today

Currently experts believe the Swatch one of the most promising in the world.The pace of development of its fast pace in a year is huge.An illustrative point is the fact that the assembly line each instance of Swatch watches is coming off every two seconds!

This success is due, of course, not only the well-coordinated work of the designers, marketing service and technical department.Important role played by business sense, the ability to feel the breath of the era, and most importantly - a great love for his work.