How to wash blinds: Secrets of cleanliness

Roller blinds in the house, apartment, office - is no longer a novelty.The need to protect the room from the sun and prying eyes - precisely the reason why many people choose cloth or plastic blinds.They are compact, comfortable and, of course, cheap.Over time, as the fabric and shutters, blinds covered with dust and dirt, so they need to be washed from time to time.The most important thing in the house - cleanliness and comfort!How to wash the blinds?A few simple tips will help you keep the house clean.

care horizontal blinds

Horizontal blinds often replaced curtains in homes and offices.They are compact, practical and convenient, but also require a corresponding care.How to wash horizontal blinds?It should be recalled, so that they are not too dirty, and a layer of dust is not cemented, then once a month to wipe them with a damp cloth or a special sponge that can be purchased at specialty stores.Take a damp cloth along the closed shutters, without losing detail.Be careful, because the plastic is

easy to bend.It is better not to wash the blinds detergents, as this may damage them or change color.If you need to have to take more serious action, it is best to be careful.So, carefully remove the blinds from the windows and fold like an accordion.Type in a bathroom of warm water and add detergent.Before wash slats leave them at 25-35 minutes in a solution.Then go over it carefully sponge several times vigorously rinse and wipe with a dry cloth.Now your blinds clean sparkle!

Care vertical blinds

Vertical blinds are more common because they look nice and cozy in the house.Nor do they reflect light and create a warm tide in the room.Fabric blinds can choose from different shades and patterns, so women prefer them.But over time, the fabric absorbs a lot of dust, bacteria, fat and so on. D. Blinds fade and become unattractive.That is why they need to be washed.

With cloth is much more difficult than with horizontal blinds.How to wash the blinds of fabric?Will help you some recommendations.So, every week, clean the vacuum cleaner (special attachment) or brush, which can be purchased in stores.Thus, the dirt will not be so much eats into the fabric.If you need to thoroughly wash them, it is best to use warm water, brush and powder.In the bath type of warm water and add detergent (dishwashing gel or powder).Leave to soak fabric slats in the water for about an hour.Next, wash separately taken lamella.It is difficult, because they stick together, but if you care to take a special stand, it becomes easier.

thoroughly rinse all parts of the blinds a few times to rinse them in water and pat dry.You can also use the washing machine.In this case, read the instructions and the material of the blinds.If the material is entirely synthetic, then turn gently.Gently fold the slats, connect all metal and plastic parts and dip into the washing machine.Pour the powder and set a temperature of not more than 30-40 degrees!After washing your blinds will be almost as good as new, and you do not have difficulties and questions about how to wash the blinds!