Paintbrush for repair

During the construction of new housing, as well as the repair of old, be sure to use this important tool as the paint brush.Without it, it is simply impossible painting a variety of surfaces.Quality paints and varnishes, of course, plays a huge role in the creation of high-quality surfaces, but bad paint brush can ruin the best colorant.Just look awful paint on the walls, which were fallen hairs.Poor tool can leave unsightly streaks or uneven paint surface, so it must meet certain requirements.

Paintbrush must be good to recruit and retain the colorant.The best is the one with which when dipping into the container without dripping paint.Another important feature of good brush is its ability to apply a colorant onto the surface.At the same time the contractor does not have to make additional finishing for even distribution of paint.

Paintbrush should have comfortable handles.They can be made of wood or plastic.They have a special clip (plastic or metal), which prevents the paint on the handle area (

even with vertical staining).Any paint brush made from hair, which determine the quality of staining.They may be natural (pig bristle, horsehair), synthetic or mixed fibers of different.Natural fibers are distinguished by color: dark gray, black.

Tough paint brush of bristles is considered an ideal option for most repairs.The popularity of this instrument due to the structure of the hair.They have a conical shape that allows you to dial a sufficient amount of dyes on hand and less of them sprayed.The use of such an instrument obtained perfectly painted surface.Such a paint brush has a high enough price.It is suitable for almost any paint work.Cheaper cost brushes are made of horsehair.They wear faster and hairs lose their elasticity and dumped.With heavily worn brushes dripping paint.

most inexpensive tools are made of synthetic fibers.If handled properly, they serve a very long time, but their main drawback - is that the artificial hairs are gaining a little paint, it drips from them much.When working with a tool, greatly increased consumption of materials and the duration of the work.

sale can be found tools of different sizes and shapes.For example, a round paint brush used for painting doors, windows, horizontal or flat surfaces.Such an instrument is not possible to paint large surfaces quickly.Flat paint brushes designed for painting and varnishing large areas (doors, furniture).

There are other tools of this kind, designed to perform some specific operations.So, for painting hard to reach places (pipes, radiators, wire design), using special brushes.Bent at a certain angle with a special clamp tufts of bristles and the handle is very long - their distinctive features.

are commercially available, and such large paint brushes: pobelochnaya (used for priming and painting large surfaces);centrifugal (a bristle length of up to 180 mm long handle, used for treatment of large areas);hammers finishing (width 100 mm, is applied for alignment poorly painted surfaces).

smallest painting brush - paneled.They are rounded, having a diameter of 6-18 mm.They are made of soft hairs squirrels, badgers and column.Use paneled brushes for applying stencil drawings, painting hard to reach places, stretch panels.