How to make bracelets made of leather

bracelets leather - fashion accessories that will never lose its relevance.They are worn on the hand at the wrist, are the perfect element of any final image.The name itself comes from the Latin Ā«brachileĀ», which means "hand".Initially bracelets are elements of a man's suit, but later began to supplement and female images.

Most often, this accessory is used solely for decorative purposes.Leather Bracelets are perfect gift that symbolizes friendship, affection.There is a legend according to which the one who offered such a gift can make a wish.If the friendship is sincere and true, it will certainly come true.The bracelet is made by the weave of leather belts of different shapes, lengths and colors.Moreover, weaving big set of options, and each of them generates a unique picture.

Sometimes decoration is used as a reminder of the significant events.To this is attached a pendant, keychain, which hides a photo or a personal message.Many people choose bracelets in leather, to emphasize their individua

lity, unmatched sense of style.

This accessory can be purchased both in the store and do it yourself.In the first case to appear fashionable women a wide range of different models, differing in color, price, quality, and many other characteristics.The second embodiment has several advantages.Firstly, bracelet, made by hand, is unique, exclusive, the second such certainly never meet.Second, you can create a decoration in accordance with their personal preferences, character and views.Third, work on the product will bring a lot of positive emotions.

So, we will create a bracelet.Leather - the perfect material for this.Preference should be given a soft skin.Color can be absolutely anything, it all depends on the imagination and personal taste.In addition, it is necessary to take a pair of scissors, glue (ideal for "Moment"), rivets, and a skein of thread.

Step 1. First cut out oval.Its length should provide grasp the wrist, and with a small margin.

Step 2. Next, you need to make from the resulting oval butterfly.For this purpose, it is enough to fasten firmly in the middle of the thread.

Step 3: Cut a small rectangle and hide underneath the skin.The rectangle is attached with adhesive.

Step 4. riveting sewn to the bracelet.You must select those that match the color of the skin.

With such simple manipulations can be made of leather bracelets.Of course, to the evening's costume, they will not work, but with clothes in the style of the country will look great.Not bad this accessory will be in harmony with one-color dress.The main thing - to choose the right color combination.It is important to note that this refers to the year decoration accessories, so its presence in the locker room during the cold season is inappropriate.

general, the options of how to make leather bracelets on the arm, big set.Do not be afraid to dream, then all will certainly succeed!