How to remove limescale from the kettle?

No thorough water filtration does not guarantee that the walls of the kettle will soon appear hard plaque or scale.The liquid in the pot to boil polluted such longer gets a bad taste, and even burn the unit at risk, if the time was not clean.How to remove limescale from the kettle without damaging the heating element?

whitish scum layers - it's become attached salts which are always in the water.When it is heated, dissolved salts decomposed into carbon dioxide and insoluble solid precipitate appearing on all surfaces of the cavity in the kettle.There is a pattern: the harder the water, the greater the concentration of salt in it, and thus end up with more stones formed.Each woman wants to know how to remove the scum from the kettle until it became unusable.

Branch Appliance is ready to offer a unique chemical descaling.To use them, carefully follow the instructions on the cover, there may be mentioned the special features of the application.In most cases, this is done as follows: you need to fill t

he kettle with cold water, then add to it the means to boil a minute and leave to cool, then pour into a vessel cleaned and rinsed.

If funds from the scale at hand was not, you can use the forces of citric acid (or acetic common).This material reacts with deferred salts constituting petrified sediment.As a result, formation of other types of substances which are soluble in water.

In the case of the purification of the kettle using vinegar to add it into the water about 100 grams.Next, the resultant mixture was boiled, allowed to settle and poured, carefully rinsed in pure water.Or, add citric acid in a ratio of 1 tablespoon in the volume of 1 liter of water.Also, boil, let stand, rinse.

How to remove limescale from the kettle using a concentrate of citric acid, acetic essence?With such substances boiling kettle is not recommended, it is desirable to leave it in liquid for some time, to about as long as the salts are dissolved.And poured concentrated acid food altogether undesirable in electric kettles.

known so-called folk remedies treatment, reveals the secrets of how to remove scale from electric kettles.Some manage to seek the help of carbonated beverages such as "Coke", "Sprite".Fizzy poured into the kettle and is followed is the same as in the case of citric acid: boil wait pour, rinse.Another method - potato peelings.Should rinse them to remove dirt, fill the kettle with cold water and boil for a few times in a row.

Whichever way neither would use to clean the kettle from the fossil salts, it is important to remember the main rule: thoroughly cleanse the vessel after boiling it any means.Remains of vinegar, the consequences of citric acid, chemicals can provoke poisoning.The best option is to boil clean water and drain it, and even after this action, you can safely make tea.