Find out the main reasons why babies cry

Many parents are interested in the question: "Why do babies cry?"When the child is still very small, then a cry - it is the only way to communicate with the outside world.Do not ignore the cry of a baby, and try to find out and eliminate its causes, which can be several.

What can cause the baby crying?

  • Hunger.If the child is breast, then attach it to the breast, even if you did recently.Indeed, it increases and hence its growing energy needs.Older children may also cry when they want to eat, because hunger can occur due to the fact that the child ate less position during feeding or many aktivnichal and spent all the resources of calories.The temperature of its environment and the mood can also affect the body's need for food.
  • Wet or dirty diapers.The child may cry, pee, or if committed an act of defecation.
  • cold or hot.Children are very sensitive to the ambient temperature, as their thermoregulation are not yet fully developed.If the child's skin turned pink and covered with damp with perspirati
    on, then undress him.If the arms and legs crumbs cool, then wrap and press it to her to warm his body.The room where the baby should be ventilated and have a temperature comfortable for him.But do not create drafts!Choose clothes made of natural materials, so that the baby's skin to breathe.
  • pain.Why do babies cry during feeding?Inspect the mouth of the baby.Pain may cause: infection, stomatitis, otitis media, or teething.If you find a child in the mouth white patches or excessive redness, then show it to the doctor.
  • Colic.Why do babies cry after feeding?Formation of the gastrointestinal tract typically occurs up to three months.At this time, the baby flatulence accompanied by intestinal colic.Children cry and Suchat legs, trying to press them to the tummy.Do not stuff the child's medications, because it happens microflora colonization of beneficial bacteria, which in the future will be involved in digestion.Apply a warm diaper to his stomach and help him get rid of the gas.Baby feet press down one by one, and then together to his tummy.Stroke it clockwise.If the child is breastfed, eliminate from your diet foods that cause fermentation and flatulence.
  • inflammation.Why do babies cry during urination?The presence of inflammation in the genitourinary system, the child can provoke pain.Show it to the doctor.
  • anxiety.If a baby is crying in a dream, it may be the result of overstimulation during the day, or neurological disorders, as well as worm infestations.Increased intracranial pressure can also disrupt sleep baby.Before going to bed do not play with him too active games.If a child is crying in his sleep very often, contact your pediatrician.

Big children also cry for different reasons, but they can already tell themselves that they are worried, and in this case will help the psychologist for children.Do not ignore the cry of your child, help him!