How to choose the perfect bra.

Many women are absolutely unable to find the suitable bra.And all from the fact that they simply prefer the wrong size.Underwear can both worsen and improve your figure.If you manage to correct it to hell, it is quite possible to hide the extra weight and ogreshnosti figure.

In order to make the right choice, you need to trust the seller, which helps to make the purchase.Types of bras are diverse, so you will not prevent consultation.So, if time permits and the size of the store, it is desirable underwear still try.Ask the seller to provide you with at least five different models.The thing is that if you have once chosen the right size bra, it does not mean that another model will sit on you just as well.Fitting in this case is of great importance.

thing that you like, will require careful care, and best of all, immediately buy a few pieces of the model you like, and the size of the firm.In order to make sure you choose exactly what you need to wear a vest or T-shirt.If you picked up the wrong size

, it will be immediately clear.In addition, when choosing a bra is not worth saving, because it is able to transform better than plastic.

How to understand that the choices that you made, right?Firstly, no wrinkles on the bra in front.Secondly, it is not tight, it can only emphasize the extra weight.Third, the straps should not be free, but be sure to fill all the cup breasts completely.Fourth, it is best to choose a soft bra, so it was not noticeable under clothing that fits.

Many women tend to buy very sexy lingerie.If you are among them, you need to choose a good quality and do not wear it every day.In addition, a bra and panties should be the same color.Remember, in the wardrobe of every woman there is always white and black bra.It is better to abandon the beige linen - it's not something that you can decorate or add sexuality.If the color of the underwear can be seen under clothing, for example, from the vest, it is possible to put large earring in the same tone.

a general rule, you want to stick to wearing a bra - it should not be visible to others.It is not necessary to wear a white shirt or blouse lace underwear, it is vulgar and shows a lack of taste.

many women who have weight advantages, wondering how to choose a bra for large breasts.First of all, look for a model that will have a reliable and strong attachment.Try to make your breast does not fall, do not stick out of the cups.Of course, one can understand the desire of people with extra weight, hide them, but do not think that smaller solve your problems.Wearing underwear that does not fit your size, you only emphasize its shortcomings.

there is this group of women, who on the contrary can not boast of special achievements in the field of lush forms.For small breasts certainly need to look for a bra that lifts it.This underwear enlarges form, makes the breasts firmer.Lifts bras are ideal and women who have sagged breasts after childbirth or for some other reasons.

In any case, going on a shopping trip underwear should clearly understand myself that this is not an item of expenditure, which is to save.Quality and convenience - these are the two main criteria that you should be guided in such shopping.And it should be noted that it is necessary to choose only natural materials and products manufacturers with a good, proven track record.