When a child can be put on the legs?

At about when a child can be placed on the legs, there are many disputes and opinions, but there is no single answer.In the approach to this issue should take into account the individual characteristics of the child and a lot of factors influencing it.This article will outline some common views on the age at which you can put the baby on the legs are important recommendations of experts, as well as examples of exercises and massages for kids that mom can do yourself.

widespread belief that when a child can be put on the legs

Most young mothers tend to believe that a child should be placed on the legs when he expresses this desire and will seek to stand on their own.Mom is at the same time can only maintain his armpits or pens.Others want to hurry nature and yet not strong put the child on the legs, wanting to hurry to teach him important skills.Still others are not committed to either the first or second opinions, and sometimes briefly put his crumbs on legs, with the support accounts for more tha

n the legs and hands on mother.

Recommendations made

Asked when you can put the baby on the legs, almost all orthopedists and therapists in one voice declare that it is not necessary to rush things.And it's true, because if the spine is not yet fully grown, it will be too big load for him, helping, for example, such consequences as the emergence of rickets.However, approximate age, to what exactly it is not necessary to put the baby on the legs, even momentarily - it is four months.The early development of children under one year provides such a thing as the norm.However, in this age, it is a loose concept and the individual.For some, the norm - to sit alone in the first five months, and stand on legs - seven.Someone sitting matures in seven months, and the leg gets up at nine - ten.The main thing that should be considered is the fact that we should not force the baby to force to do something, and when the time comes - to support and hold the baby.But hypertonia legs, kids can get up early to start on the legs, which is not natural.Kid while standing on tiptoe and began to get tired quickly.In this case, for the normal development of the child should be gently distract him from this activity, not allowing to stand for a long time.

Gymnastics and massage for children under one year

There are many different gyms and massage for children under one year, as well as nursery rhymes and nursery rhymes to them.Below are just a few interesting species for kids, which are very useful for young mothers, which is responsible when a child can be put on the leg.

Foot Massage "eight»

child lies on the back, his mom keeps the leg with one hand, and the second produces a gentle stroking of his foot with his thumb with a little pressure, while the other fingers wrapped around it.The same applies to produce the second leg.To supplement this you can massage baby's legs shuffling fingers.

compound of opposite legs and arms

kid lying on the back, while my mother pulls the handle to the right elbow knee leg Levey.The same is done with the left hand and right foot of the baby.This exercise strengthens the abdominal muscles and promotes good coordination.


The main thing to remember when young parents question about when a child can be placed on the legs, and many others associated with the development of the baby, it is a manifestation of sensitivity, love and understanding to his daze.Second Based feel your support and care, its ability to be developed "by eye", and you only have time to enjoy his success.