Delayed speech development in children: causes and diagnosis

rudiments of speech are formed in the first months of life.It was normal child utters simple monosyllables and a half - in simple sentences.However, it happens that there are problems with this, and then diagnosed with "delay of speech development in children."Afraid of the phrase parents should not.It primarily means that the child needs help.And the earlier start remedial classes and treatment, the sooner you can get the result.

delay speech development in children can be caused by several reasons.One of the most common is the lack of the necessary language environment.That is, it does not stimulate the baby, guessing all his desire at the slightest sign.In this case, the blame for the lag in the development of the child mainly lies with the parents.

addition, delayed speech development in children can be due to the influence of harmful factors on the child during the prenatal or perinatal period.Birth trauma, asphyxia, genetic or infectious diseases - all of which can affect the way that the c

hild will say the first words later peers.

If 2-3 years baby slurred speech or virtually non-existent, you should refer to specialists (speech therapist, neurologist, psychologist).They prompt further action, because it is possible that you will need and medication.Some parents wait 4-5 years and only then begin to sound the alarm.Such a position is fundamentally wrong, as it may be lost time, but on how well developed verbal communication, and many others depend on the mental processes.

Treatment delay speech development depends on the reasons that cause this lagging behind.In some cases, it is possible to confine rehabilitative training with a speech therapist or a psychologist or challenging assignments from parents.In other situations, can not do without special medical treatment (nootropics), especially if that gap is secondary and is accompanied by other, more serious mental illness.

delay speech development of the child, if any, should be diagnosed as early as possible.Parents should not be afraid of the "terrible" diagnosis.After all, if the time to start exercising, then attend specialized preschools, most of all, to the 7 years of the child will be released on the same level with their peers.Otherwise it is possible that the baby will have difficulties in teaching reading, writing and the lag in the formation of other mental processes.

If the delay of speech development in children - a secondary defect caused by a serious illness, the situation will be much harder.And is engaged with the baby should begin as soon as possible.

If a child hardly speaks in 2-3 years, watch out for him.There are simple tasks that will help determine the level of his mental development.And if this figure is correct, therefore, necessary to begin to eliminate the cause, because of which we are poorly developed.