Bags with their own hands - it is fashionable and beautiful

Who does not want to look stunning ?!Stupid question, but not easy.To this end, in addition to a wonderful make-up is still needed and unusual accessories.And it is a pleasure, as you know very expensive.Sometimes, for a regular purse has to shell out an amount equal to the whole state.And we'll get out of the situation and learn to make bags with your own hands.The original object and cheaper, adorn each woman you will not find.In addition, each year the fashion for things handmade back again and again.

So bag with his hands start to our imagination.Their uniqueness depends not only on the material of manufacture, but also on how much fun you decorate it.Make revision among his things and pull out all the light bracelets, buttons, buckles, brooches, rings, bits of fur and rhinestones.All of us will soon be very useful.

sewing or knitting bag with his hands start with the choice of model.At first thought, why we need it, because the varieties of this accessory, there are many.Let's list the main on

es.It bags "exit", business, urban, casual, youth, summer, winter.If some model is forgotten, then, you add yourself.

further define the "face" of bags: what shape it is, we will choose the color scheme and begin.In order not to complicate their work and be confident of a positive result and bringing the case to its logical conclusion, we will begin production of the bag with his hands the most simple model.

We have already seen how improvised material we have, and now purchase the missing elements in a haberdashery.We will need various pieces of thick fabric: velvet, suede, leather, velvet, satin.Rassortiruem their color and to sew into a single canvas acquire rep ribbon width of 1 cm. It will become a unifying moment the figure of assorted material.Now it is necessary to expand the mosaic on the pattern of the nonwoven fabric rectangle, crop unnecessary and bulavochkoy attach to the base.It should be based on the adhesive side up, because then you need to turn the interlining and iron his iron.The finished mosaic put on a thick base, for example, and using filtsovuyu rep ribbons neatly hide the joints of the pieces, then sew them to the side seams.Likewise, we make a second side of the bag.

Peprehodim to handle.Its length depends on the model.Workpiece width is 5 cm. Add up, sew, allowances cut, gut-wrenching, sewn to the bag.Decorate the bag accessories.

all: trendy and chic district you will not be anyone.

Similarly, on the pattern sewn men's bag purse.The feature of this accessory is, of course, in a choice of colors and materials.It will be simple and plain accessory of dense homogeneous material.Men's bag purse is small in size, so the material is not difficult for her to pick up.Carefully consider the style and form.This item should be small in size but spacious enough.

It has become customary to bring a small personal computer anywhere.To protect it from scratches on the road is very difficult, and even dangerous.But portfolios are expensive.Do not get lost, you have a good yield: Netbook bag with his hands.It will cost you no more than $ 100, if you sew it from the wide linen napkins or bind synthetic yarn.Take a rectangular or knitted fabric, folded in half the size of a netbook, the edges are stitched on top to attach the lightning, then fasten the long handle to make it easy to carry over your shoulder.Netbook bag with his hands ready.

It's simple and original, as well as cheap and cheerful.