Summer Shorts 2011.

Summer shorts - it's a great option for those who love a free, open clothes, active lifestyle and stylish things.This woman always thinks their way to the last detail, every detail matters.This season's fashionable to be open, bold, original and free as possible.Therefore, summer shorts - ideal for stylish women.

on the catwalks of the world can see an abundance of different models, colors and shapes.Shorts ultra-small, long belts, low waist, various colors, with original prints and so on.Every woman has the opportunity to choose exactly what suits her.Many prefer to shop, their own talent.That is, girls are interested in how to sew summer shorts.Focusing on fashion trends, you can create quite an attractive model.Especially on the Internet now really find anything, so pattern summer short there too.

What shorts are the most popular now?If you like the classics in all the elegant models with straps of dark and pastel shades - what you need.Youth chooses lace, leather shorts with unusual bright belt

s and buckles.In addition, this season became popular avant-garde style, proved popular shorts laces, buckles, as well as irregularly shaped.

In 2011, demand has and denim summer shorts.And blue departs from the standards in the fabric lighter and darker shades.Denim shorts, complemented by all sorts of accessories, will be an excellent acquisition for any girl.Very stylish look denim shorts in black with a bright belt.

This indispensable item of clothing on vacation, when traveling in the country, it is suitable for going to a party in the office or on a date, and what to speak about the beach.This year, fans of romance, classics and elegance chosen shorts skirt.They truly are the standard of style and femininity.Short skirt perfectly with blouse, jacket or a conventional top.And if you add an image Fashion Accessories, then you can immediately spot all the surrounding men.

This season the trend is white summer shorts.If you wear a short model with ballet flats, black belt and a dark horse, as well as complement the image of wide-brimmed hat, then you can safely go on a date with the man of her dreams.You can experiment endlessly.White pants are perfectly combined with colorful accessories, sandals and wedges in any riding.

What models and colors are the most popular this season?First of all, it should be noted that a variety of fashionable colors is truly amazing.Preference should be given monotonous striking models (pink, purple, green, terracotta, purple, white, body), elegant cell and so on.Sometimes there are shorts that complete the heavy accessories: pockets, straps, locks.But most of them now in vogue lightness and weightlessness.

there this season, and extravagant, avant-garde trends.For example, shorts, crochet look amazing.The trend of summer - bright colors, delicate weave, creative paintings, weaving and so on.For the athletes, too, there is good news.Summer shorts for active girls presented an abundance of bright colors, they are supplemented by inscriptions, applications and so on.

To wear summer shorts and look stylish at the same time, it is important to know what they are combined.Determine exactly where you want them to wear.It is better for a party topu prefer a nice stylish jacket, and on the beach you need to choose bright shirts, T-shirts and stuff.If summer shorts normal length, with a jacket and blouse can be worn even in the office.The main thing is get your style and be irresistible.