Fashionable and versatile white jersey

One of the major trends is the ordinary white jersey of cotton, polyester, or any other tissue.It's surprisingly concise, yet versatile part of the wardrobe of any person.The most usual combination is white May ka with jeans.It emphasizes the shape, color and gives the whole image of the sea close, unobtrusive sexuality.This combination of things for the first time presented on the big stage Dima Bilan on Eurovision.After his speech, everyone started to wear a T-shirt with jeans, a leather belt with metal inserts and light sports shoes.

versatility of this article of clothing is that it will go perfectly with all things.So, what to wear with a white shirt?If you want to create an image for the office, women can wear it with black trousers and jacket 7/8 length sleeves with ¾.This will give way to one side of deliberate negligence, but on the other - will enable to sustain the dress code.A striking accessory to this set will be the braces and shoes on a massive heel stable.

white jersey Yet many p

eople associate with summer.The girls prefer to wear it with skirts of varying lengths.If all things sets of the same color, it will add all kind of lightness, ease and tenderness.It is worth noting that the first season one of the main trends of summer fashion is to wear it with a skirt on the floor made of aircraft materials, or thin cotton and pantoletami or sandals decorated with flowers or rhinestones.If you add a large exotic flower hair, we can safely claim to be the "Queen of the beach party."Men can wear a white T-shirt with jeans summer, light trousers made of natural fabrics, with wide-leg be rolled up so that could see the ankle.Urgent shoes for young people in conjunction with these items of clothing have become bright or colored sneakers, as it can be sneakers or pantolety.

It is worth noting that in order for the white jersey looked at the man he should have beneficial beautiful toned body and golden color.This part of the wardrobe beautifully emphasize all reliefs, but at the same time will not hide any flaws.To solve this problem will help properly fitted cardigans or light summer jacket draped over the top.They can be complemented by a wide elastic belt with a large buckle.Owners of Large hand it is not necessary to deny yourself the pleasure of wearing a T-shirt, they can throw on top of stole made of the finest cotton or chiffon.

For many designers and creative people white jersey is not only a complete version of clothing, but also a huge field for creativity and manifestation of his personality.They know exactly how to decorate the white T-shirt to make it unique and original clothes.For these purposes, you can use the thermo - labels, which are sold in all stores tissues.This is the easiest and fastest way to decorate cloth.These can be added sequins.They are sold, not only individually, but also in a bonded tape that allows one to quickly and easily create various inscriptions on the fabric.It will be an original supplement that can turn an ordinary T-shirts elegant evening top.Also for decoration, you can use a variety of artificial flowers, adding romantic image.For example, a large bright sunflower attached to the middle of the shirt, with the stem of a ribbon of green sequins make this the owner of the garment stand out in any crowd and attract a large number of her attention.

simple white T-shirt - it's a huge field for creativity and versatile component of the wardrobe, which can be combined perfectly with all things.It allows its owners to remain at the peak of fashion without sacrificing their own comfort.