Denim shorts for women: fashionable and relevant in 2011

Denim shorts female long been fond of all fashionistas.Still, they are practical, comfortable and, at the same time, incredibly sexy.This year, this outfit of girls happy abundance of styles, cuts, details and decor, any fashionista will find its like the models.Shorts not only facilitate your life in terms of the choice of comfortable clothing, but also emphasize the individuality of the girl, because to wear short shorts may not be any fashionista, but only one that can boast slim legs and perfect thighs.Happy owner of magnificent forms designers offer women long shorts that will highlight your strengths and personal style.This summer, at the height of fashion ultra-short denim shorts, but elongated models are also relevant, especially for girls, true office style or beautiful women with a curvy shape.

Denim shorts female 2011 carried out from the dense denim and jeans of a light, which is very important for the hot summer.Designers delight fashionistas abundance of colors and accessories to denim s

horts, as well as a variety of shapes and cut of this part of the female wardrobe.In 2011, the popular model with short cuffs, torn and jagged edges, scuffed.Long model denim shorts are characterized brim breeches flared or slightly above the knee.And short and long models female shorts designers in 2011 supplied rivets, bright ribbons or bows, belts.

versatility and practicality make denim shorts female indispensable element of both everyday and evening clothes.Wearing these shorts with sandals or ballet flats, and you will be able to run for shopping, and take an evening stroll through the city.High heels and a platform on the contrary give your image of femininity and charm in such an outfit, you can go to the club, and on a romantic date.In the spring or autumn denim shorts best complement vintage boots or shoes with laces that will suit the bold girl.

color palette dominant in this year's women's denim shorts, divided into two categories: the shades of light and dark shades.Designers have proposed such a rule: the longer shorts in 2011, the lighter the shade of the dress.So, long shorts to choose this year's best in white, beige or light blue tint.Short same model as popular this year, should be of deep dark colors: dark blue, black or brown.

Classic in denim shorts selected business, elegant girl, perky and energetic person will prefer models with all sorts of accessories and original decor.This year's model has become popular along with sloppy slits and holes, abrasions, simulating shabbiness.No less relevant denim shorts female summer 2011 draped fringe and embroidery.Great accessory to women's shorts will become bright belt - wide or narrow, depending on the image you are creating.In addition, in 2011, designers offer to add to your shorts textile straps Binding.

wearing denim shorts for women this year is not only paired with a T-shirt or top.Business lady suit long shorts combined with shirts, jackets or jackets.Flirty girls can use to create a glamorous image of bright blouses with a neckline or a romantic blouses with ruffles and frills.Finish this way will help the brilliant accessories and shoes with high heels.

Remember that the shorts are incredibly relevant this year, buy the right model for 2011 shall each fashionable and stylish girl, and even better to buy several kinds of this type of clothing and boldly combined.