How to sew a jacket with his hands

In order to get a good thing, it is necessary to see a specialist.But if there is a desire and a minimum of skills, you can try to do it yourself.How to sew a jacket?The first thing to determine who is the thing: a man or a woman.Then choose the style tailoring.The length of the jacket, its shape and other characteristics depend on fashion trends, individual taste, shape the customer intended things.The next step - is the choice of fabrics, colors, the material from which it is made, its thickness and pattern.

Summer sew jackets without lining and the classic - lined and bortovkoy.Priobretaem tissue and start working.For sewing any thing, let alone a jacket should make the product pattern.To do this, take your measurements.Measurements should be removed from the person's underwear or light clothing.It should be remembered errors when removing yardsticks, pulled by an error in the drawing.The end result will be bad product sit on the figure.

basic measurements required to sew the desired item:
neck circumference
chest circumference
waist circumference
hip circumference
length articles
back width
shoulder width
sleeve length
length back to the waist

Based on these data dodrawing.How is a drawing - is a separate issue, large and complex.The drawing is usually made on half of the figure.On the basis of drawing the desired pattern made things.These patterns are called delineator.Now take
fabric folded in half string of equity, spread out on a flat surface, pinned to her pins delineator so that the shoulders were on the fold line.Getting cut jacket.Cut material is not always necessary for the edge delineator, and retreated from the edge of 1 cm, as the need to always have a stock of material at the seams.
parts are cut.The first stage is over - it horosho.Chto do next?How to sew a jacket?Answer - continue to work quietly.The first thing sew "on a live thread" (t. E. Namitka) details of the jacket.Smetana details should try.When sewing of any product made, usually two fitting.
makes the first fitting, you should pay attention to the ratio of product forms and shapes, the relationship between the components of the long and wide.At the first fitting should specify the location of the small parts (collar, lapels, pockets) and their size.The next step in the work: checking the depth of neckline, shoulder seam, armhole line.

Further contrasting thread is indicated by the bottom line of the jacket, cuffed sleeves, armhole.For proper connection hose should define endpoints doused sleeves, shoulder parts, beginning and end of the landing of the sleeve.Fitting is carried out on the finished bodice.Purpose Corsage - keep the shape of the product.Then we prepare the collar and tack it to the neck.
Sewing easier to start with the recesses.After the work done
hold a second fitting.Dress jacket, it clarifies the position of the shoulder and side seams, armholes, sleeves location in the armhole.If you want to eliminate defects and sew the product.
In fact, the work is done.Stay small details: TBA length jacket, long sleeves, stitched the bottom of the product processed purl slices are cut and are sewn loop.

Bottom sleeves and bottom of the jacket as a whole, it is necessary to sew by hand or by secret seam on a typewriter podshivnoy.Finally, remove the basting threads, which were parts of sour cream, produce wet-heat processing, hang a jacket on a mannequin to dry.The final touch - sew on buttons.

Asked how to sew a jacket, the answer should be - it's not easy.The work requires precision, accuracy, patience and considerable navykov.No but to award the person holding this painstaking work, a gift will get really exclusive thing that would be only a single copy, and only him.