We sew hats with their hands

Fashion - volatile and unpredictable thing: in this season more relevant shades of white, the next style will very dark tone, if today fashionista clog their closets chiffon things, then tomorrow they crowds run to the store for leather and againFill your collection to failure.

Nevertheless, there are enduring things that remain fashionable at all times, regardless of the season and the mood of trendsetters.
first place has always been for things that embody creativity, individuality and a sense of individual style.
If you learn to make hats with their hands, you can easily and naturally to create stunning images, according to all the latest fashion trends and stay at an altitude of under any circumstances.After all, the original hat - a final touch to the image of any woman.The hat gives its possessor the charm and allows you to look even more seductive.
Caps with their hands - it's not hard.Volumetric and tiny, simple and original, made of cloth, crocheted or spokes hats with their hands, be sure to

inspire the people around you a real delight and you will add substantially self-esteem.

the Internet, as well as specialized journals devoted to cutting and sewing, you will easily find a lot of schemes, ready patterns with text explanations, tips and tricks, how to sew a hat.
Given that you are not using one presented in these sources of information, hope should not be a unique instance.Perhaps you will make adjustments in their technology, and then your hat is unique.
If you consider yourself not only needlework, but also restless inventor, try to make your own patterns hats, using the universal principles of technology.You can get anything you want: Hat and flower and hat a la Charlie Chaplin, and even a medieval castle on the head - everything depends entirely on your imagination.

In the manufacture of caps to order, first of all, should take into account the individual data of people for whom you are going to sew hats with their hands: their body type, face shape, eye color and hair, particularly hair, and the age and even personality traits of future owners of yourcap.
addition, cap must comply with the peculiarities of the figures, because it is able to visually increase or decrease the human and even add or reduce its weight.For example, low-growing women are not fit flat hat with a wide brim, and the owners of a thin and long face-to-face will not be high hats.

hats, hand-made, must necessarily comply with the general style of clothing and not only be comfortable and beautiful, but also have a functional aspect: as far as possible, they should warm the head of its owner in the cold season, to protect her from the sun in summer andjust fun.In our view, particularly interesting are the cap, made a hook.Lacy knit cap will make your look more feminine and mysterious.Choosing hook, you no longer have to think about how to make a hat, especially if you have no sewing machine.Enough to buy a hook and thread, to connect the imagination, after referring to existing models and original lace products will soon be yours.Crochet hat more often years, but it is possible and winter versions.Everything will depend on the material and the density of breeding.

sew hats with their hands when properly to the skill and availability of the collection patterns, coupled with imagination is not so complicated case, but rather a hobby that brings in the wardrobe of any fashionista really exclusive and unique model.