How to develop a child in one month: advice to young parents

appearance in the home a new family member - it's always a great joy.In the first days and weeks of new parents get used to the baby, see it, feel your fingers, learn to communicate with him, caring for children, caring for her physical health.Modern moms know that the sooner you start to develop your baby, the smarter it becomes.Many are beginning to care more about mental health when the baby is in the womb.He studied literature, watching movies and special transfer and know exactly how to develop the child in one month, six months and a year.

The earliest development gives impetus to the development of the baby important mental processes.In order to understand how to develop a new-born baby, you need to know that he can at this age.In this early period the child is in the power of unconditional reflexes: he is looking for and sucks the breast (nipple bottle) can handle grab my mother's finger, turning the head to the light and sound can focus the view on the bright subject.

Before you begin the

development of the baby, no harm will be familiar with the exercises that can be done with the baby on a daily basis.They do not take up a lot of time and do not take away from the strength of a young mom.So the rules that tell us how to develop a child 1 month:

- Copy mimics baby: looking at you, he is learning to recognize emotions.

- ¬ęBuild faces" during waking baby.At the same time your face should be at a distance of 20-30 cm from the eyes of a child.

- Demonstrate detke bright objects, drawing back and forth in front of face, the baby eyes watching them.

- Include a variety of music in the room, adjusting the volume and tone of her: as a child develops hearing.

- Perform a full body massage several times a day.

- Naked baby lay on the fabric with a different texture: the so-developed tactile sensations.

- To develop coordination wear and baby swing in different directions, lay on a big ball (fitball).

When parents receive the necessary information on how to develop a child one month, it will be interesting to know about his future education.The kid grows up, his brain develops, the crumbs are new skills.For parents, it comes time to learn how to develop a child up to a year.The development of the baby in this period can be divided into seven stages (see. Table.).

Stage 1

0-5 weeks

Conversations with the baby, close tactile contact, listening to music, viewing objects.

Stage 2

5-8 weeks

Let baby various items on the invoice showing the bright toys and things, develop good eye.

Stage 3

8-12 weeks

child realizes that things are moving, eyes watching them.

Stage 4

12-19 weeks

search of familiar objects eyes, anxiety, if the mother away.Strengthen tactile contact with the baby.

5 stage

19-26 weeks

The child appears the fear of knowing the immensity of the world.Create an additional comfort: soft toys, diapers, comfortable clothing.

Stage 6

26-37 weeks

active knowledge of the world.Suggest your child to study a variety of subjects, shows how you can manipulate them.

Stage 7

37-46 weeks

Knowledge of the properties of objects that should be encouraged.Praise your child, replenish his entourage games and new interesting things.

Knowing how to develop child 1 month and up to a year, carrying out all the rules, you can be sure that the baby will grow curious and always will delight parents with their success.