How to prepare your child for kindergarten?

Admission to kindergarten - one of the most important events in the still short life of your baby.For many, even a sociable baby is difficult to adapt to a completely new environment.This is why you parents have to take care of how to prepare your child for kindergarten.Remember that for the child the first few weeks of walking in the garden anyway would stress - in fact the first time he sees outside his home, begins to build social relationships, to communicate with someone, besides family and friends.And parents who are a step away did not leave from the day of the birth, often not there.

Schooling to clear daily routine

Try to ask in advance what schedule works in the selected kindergarten, and gradually, with the baby while still in the house, to teach it to him.First, teach him to wake up early, have breakfast and do exercises (in most kindergartens have to breakfast at 8:30 - 9:00 am).From 9 to 10 kids engaged, and with half of the 11th walk in the fresh air for an hour.At 12 o'clock the ta

bles are served for lunch, after which (about 3 pm) have to follow the dream.If your child is not accustomed to daytime sleep, it is necessary to move slowly - at first just quietly lying, see cartoons, read, etc.Over time, the pause should become more prolonged.After waking up, give your child a light snack.Time from 4 to 5 pm, you can re-dedicate classes.At 5 o'clock, try to give the baby to dinner, and then a couple of hours you can go out.


is very important in how to prepare your child for kindergarten, instill in him the basic skills of self-service.Sincecaregivers physically can not keep track of everything.In the kindergarten kids should be able to do to go to the toilet or pot, to undress and dress, using cutlery and napkins, drink from a cup, brushing teeth, etc.Experienced moms who asked the question about how to prepare your child for kindergarten, they say that it is important to think about the baby clothes.For example, it is recommended to select the blouse buttons, trousers with elastic bands and shoes - Velcro.They pipsqueak handle much faster, and most importantly - himself.


Getting to kindergarten, a child is selected from the "cocoon" and is attacked by many viruses and bacteria.That is an important step in how to prepare your child for kindergarten, is hardening.Long walks, air baths and wiping with a damp towel - all this strengthens the child's body.No later than one month prior to entering kindergarten, all you need to do preventive vaccination.

Psychological preparation

Teach your child to politely ask for toys and share them.Create a positive image of the baby educational institutions: kindergarten child perceives subconsciously as well as his parents.So if you are dissatisfied with the decision, fear and so on, kid, too, will feel those emotions.You should not lie to your child, but do not need and intimidate him, "You will not listen, go to kindergarten!".Think of it as the need for calm.The main thing - show your child their friendly and welcoming attitude towards teachers, attendants and by the baby.On average, the adaptation in children, is well prepared for kindergarten, takes no more than 1-2 weeks.And many of the children in the kindergarten in the summer do not even think about how to get away from him and to stay at home - so they soon became interested in this little world.