How to teach children to speak: simple advice

The best moment for every mom - these are the first words of a child.Speech development in children depends on the mother's lifestyle during pregnancy, from the child's psyche, from genetics, from the environment in which the baby develops and grows and how strongly parents involved with him.The main task of my mother, in turn, is to help your child develop properly and force the process of formation of speech.Here are some tips to young mothers how to teach children to speak.So, in order that the child quickly learned to say my mother need to learn any comment on his action.Then the baby will be watching every move and utterance mom and bind them in meaning.That is why, making even the simplest things, comment on his action to the kid.It is also a very important point in this process is a child reading books.This lesson should be given at least 15 minutes a day.Books desirable to choose colorful, illustrated that during the reading shows the child a picture with your finger.Read slowly and need to exp

ressive intonation.If during the reading of the child began to spin and be distracted by extraneous things, it means that he has lost interest in reading, and it is better to stop.If you want your child to read, you do not need to ignore this request it, because you can discourage his interest in literature.If the kid liked any one tale, it is not necessary to give him to read it again, because the repetition - is good.Hold classes with the child should be only when it is in a good mood.If the baby is not in the spirit, it is better to postpone classes.Child development depends entirely on the efforts of his parents.While the child is small, it is a train, and if you miss this moment, it will already be very difficult to fill the gap.These tips will help young parents to answer the question: "How to teach children to speak?"But there are cases when the child is a year not speaking.What, then, do the parents?

First of all, no need to panic.Each child is different in their development, and there is that children are silent and up to 3 years, and having gone into the garden, start talking without stopping.Nevertheless, this issue should be given special attention.The reasons for the delay of speech development in children can be a bit: the physiological characteristics, developmental delays due to lack of attention of parents, lack of contact with children the same age, or fright, after which the child refuses to talk.These reasons are also suitable for the situation, if the child is 2 years old will not talk.

So, finding out reasons for the delay of speech, the question arises: "How to teach children to speak?"

First we need to be examined by a doctor.It will determine whether there is a baby any deviations.If they do not show up, then you can safely go home and deal with the child.

Through this article, you can easily answer the question: "How to teach children to speak?"Good luck to you!