Lytic mix for children on the temperature in critical cases

High body temperature (hyperthermia) in young children begins after 38.5 mark on the thermometer.Before this value is extremely pediatricians strongly recommend not to take any medication.When a mercury thermometer rises rapidly and persistently above this mark, it is time to start a fight with a temperature.The main drug of hyperthermia recommended for children considered to be "Paracetamol".But in extreme cases, when for unknown reasons, idle, effective the lytic mix for children.

What is the lytic mixture

lytic mixture of temperature - a kind of cocktail, which includes analgesics, antispasmodics and antihistamines, in the ratio of 1: 1: 1.

drug "Analgin" (in the lytic cocktail reduces the temperature) - the main drug in the group of non-narcotic analgesics.The main pharmacological effects - analgesic, antipyretic and anti-inflammatory.

"papaverine" - an antispasmodic drug that has a hypotensive effect, contributes to lowering the tone and relaxation of smooth muscle and blood vessels.

"Diphenhydramine" - "classical" antihistamine with sedating (sleeping pills, inhibiting, calming) effect.

lytic mix for children operates smoothly and instantly after 10-15 minutes.after intramuscular injection temperature begins to fall.Since the drug "Analgin" painful intramuscular injection, along with the generally accepted rules of administration of injections, for political mixture has several features:

  • all vials warmed to body temperature;
  • before opening each vial rubbed 70% alcohol solution;
  • all drugs are typed into one disposable syringe;
  • before and after the injection of the injection site carefully wiped with an alcohol solution;
  • injection is deep intramuscular injection, the drug is injected slowly.

lytic mixture is used only for children in the event of a negative allergic reaction to each drug, its member.Check the reaction may be, dripped a few drops of the prepared solution in the eyes of a child (slightly protruded lower eyelid of the eye).The absence of conjunctival sac redness, itching and severe pain for 10-15 minutes.It suggests the possibility of the use of funds.

lytic mix for preparing children in the ratio of 0.1 ml.each of the following preparations for the full year of life.For children younger than a year preparing for another scenario:

  • solution "Analgin" (50%) - 0.1 ml per 1 kg of body weight;
  • solution "Papaverine" (2%) - 0.1 ml;
  • means "Diphenhydramine" (2%) -0.4 ml.

lytic mixture dosage: 1 time 6 hours

very important for parents to be understood that the fever - it is not a disease, but only a syndrome of a disease (most often inflammatory or infectious nature).And put out the fire from the outside, when inside center - not only totally useless, but extremely dangerous.As soon as possible the child's need to be sure to see a doctor, do not forget to talk about the measures taken in the hyperthermal condition.