Priced appreciated jumpsuit shorts

This year comes the fashion versatility, comfort, low-key style and originality - and all these parameters fully comply with such a wonderful clothes like short shorts jumpsuit, whose popularity in the hot days of summer a generous sun grows to incredible limits.Comfortable and bright, the real "highlight" of summer 2011, such suits are appropriate in almost any situation and at any time of day - light and almost frivolous cotton can be worn during the day and elegant silk - for evening entertainment.

main advantage of this article of clothing is that they reveal the most slender ladies' legs, flattering figure and representing an unusually successful and exclusive alternative to the classic mini-skirt.This is even more convenient, because modern jumpsuit shorts may be made of absolutely any material from natural fabrics - silk or cotton, to trendy denim this season.The same variety of colors in which these things are made, and decorative elements: color prints, rhinestones, colored embroidery, artifi

cial hole or the effect of antiquity.

If you go to meet fashion trends and choose a summer suit with shorts as one of the main summer dresses, the success in the eyes of others, you are guaranteed.Such clothing, successfully replaces both shorts and a T-shirt (TOP), this summer often appears in the collections of famous designers who develop a huge number of original models and recommend wearing them in any situation.And with any shoe - both with sandals and sandals and sneakers with, not to mention the shoes on a thin "Stiletto."

jumpsuit shorts fashion this year, often carried out with remarkable floral appliques, embroidery and prints that make the subject of ladies' clothes a little romantic, gentle and very feminine.You can give preference to a variety of colors - bright gamma hailed as the main color, and to finish, emphasizing youth, freshness and originality of its owner.

Natures romantic and sweet, certainly will not remain indifferent to short jumpsuit with shorts in pastel shades.Many believe these clothes a bit like pajamas, but the right accessories can do wonders and turn this outfit into a real masterpiece of design art.

All this indicates how good short suits of different styles, how popular and diverse this year.However, the time has come to say that all of these models - the autumn or summer overalls - you must know how to choose.They are not suitable for every woman, so you have to try on a lot of options before you can make a choice in favor of one or another thing.It is unacceptable to wear things like the fair sex with irregular or short legs, folds of fat around the knees or cellulite.It is important that jumpsuit shorts emphasized proportions of the figure, not conceal them, was not overly flashy in color and texture.Simply put, the choice of such an article of clothing is very complicated, but the result is worth it.

Finally I would like to note that this year short overalls with shorts often appears not only in fashion shows of contemporary designers, but also at various events, which are usually visited by showbiz stars, popular actors and other celebrities.So, on the red carpet at the awards ceremony organized by the magazine «Hello!» Has appeared in such clothes Ditkovskite Agnes, and on the evening of «Armani» demonstrated its model fashion jumpsuit Taryn Manning.