How to choose the right sunglasses?

There was the summer heat, and thus questions about how to choose sunglasses, again stood before us with all its relevance.But first we will limit the audience of those who could be helpful to this article.If you think that sunglasses - this is primarily a fashion accessory, and it is better to buy cheaper anywhere in the subway - more can not even read.There can only sympathize: maybe you do not soon be able to do that.

Sunglasses - male or female, it does not matter - it is, first of all, protection from ultraviolet radiation.This means that the lenses they should be of high quality and reliable.Otherwise it happens is that our pupils, deceptive considering that darkened plastic to protect them from the sun, do not have time to shrink, and as a result get a sufficient dose of radiation.This can cause damage to the retina or other problems, even blindness!

Before choosing sunglasses, think about it.And then, with knowledge of the case, proceed to the election on two aspects: technical and aestheti


first step in the process of how to choose glasses from the sun - it is a choice between glass and plastic lenses.The first is guaranteed to provide a high degree of protection from ultraviolet radiation.They are more durable, less scratching and look expensive and stylish.Of course, if you do not carry them in a bag with keys and occasionally drop on the asphalt.Plastic glasses are thinner and much lighter, does not cause discomfort and severity.Modern technologies allow you to attach the plastic strength and scratch resistance.By the way, unbreakable plastic glasses, and that they often become the children - to avoid injury.

How to choose sunglasses according to the degree of shading?It depends on where you are going to have to go.If you plan to spend the summer in the city, you can buy glasses with a slight dimming level.But a trip to the south, lying on the beach and sun glare reflected from the water surface, suggests a more sunglasses.They can be mirrored or even with a special anti-reflective coating.Today, there are points chameleon, changing light shade depending on the room in which you are.This is truly a one-stop solution for any occasion.

After choosing sunglasses, taking into account the material and the level of shading you've learned, you should pay attention to the color of the lenses themselves.The best is shades of brown, gray and green.But the aggressive red and orange better left lying on the counter.This, of course, catchy and original, but the whole day you are definitely not going through.In addition, the bright colors such a negative impact on the human psyche.

pay attention to the size of the new points.Experts say: the higher the points themselves, the higher the degree of protection from the sun, and therefore, the better.However, the points in which their owner resembles a dragonfly or an alien, are not for everyone.Especially if they have a rather wide bezel.On the one hand, this is very good: it protects the thin skin around the eyes from wrinkles caused by squinting.On the other - you will look as if hiding from the police or get a black eye.One possible solution - to choose big points, but in a very thin frame, or even without it.

How to choose sunglasses?Now you know the answer to this question!