What is a harness for cats, and why is it necessary?

cat - it's not a dog, it does not require daily vygulivaniya.However, if you have a cat, remember his remorse on fine days are: yourself, then go for a walk and pet stays in a stuffy room.Even doctors recommend to take the cats with the street: they felt bored pet can be a nerve-wracking start scratching furniture or worn around the house.These animals are very curious by nature, and a walk - yet another way to broaden horizons cat.

But before you bring your pet on the street, you need to buy for him right "ammunition."It includes a harness and leash.Buying for a cat collar is not recommended - it's still not a dog, and the animal graceful, willful, with a rather weak neck muscles.But harness for cats - just what you need.

harness - a special device consisting of two connected straps.One of them is fastened to the animal's neck, the other - on the abdomen.Cat between the shoulder blades, wearing the equipment, there is a ring, to which clings to the lead.The whole harness - a very handy thing, and

you can walk with your pet, and it does not have to worry that he will escape from his hands and run away.It is only important to choose it correctly, and then teach the cat to new sensations.

harness made for cats, usually made of cotton or nylon.These materials are soft and light, does not cause discomfort and feeling of heaviness.But leather straps pet may seem too heavy.Leash is also better to choose nylon.Its length must be at least a couple of meters.By the way, you can use the leashes designed for walking small dogs.

Before you put a cat harness, you need to carry out preparatory work with a favorite.No need to pull the strap force: these animals are very self-sufficient and do not like to restrict their freedom.Let the cat get used to the leash: sniff it, will see it for a few days at the usual place for it, such as near a favorite bedding.When the introductory stage is over, try to put on a harness gently on the animal.The first reaction might be different, right up to desperate attempts to break out of the "harness".If the harness for cats causes aggression and nervous behavior, try to distract the pet's favorite treat or soothe gentle stroking.The first time is to be short.The most important thing here - the remove the harness when the cat is completely relaxed.

Then within a few days once again wear the strap on the animal, the cat got used to it, able to move freely, virtually no response to a new "ammunition."Harness for cats to become something of a constant attribute for walks.For good behavior is required to encourage pet treats and play.Penalties and screams should be deleted.

The next step is to harness and leash can be added.Walk around the house with a cat like this.Try not to pull for a pet, and give him the most freedom of movement.And when your "disciple" understand what it all was started, try affectionately call her, dragging to where you need to have.

Thus, contacts have been established, and you can go on the first trip.Remember one important point harness for cats - a great way to find your pet when he suddenly lost.After all, the strap can write or knock him the nickname, name and telephone number of the owner.