Select a thermometer for the newborn.

With the advent of a small child in the family, the parents have many questions.One of the recurring questions is how to choose a thermometer for the newborn.Since the symptoms of many diseases is to increase the temperature, buy a thermometer should be a priority.Even 20 years ago, the problems with the choice did not arise, because the selection itself was not, and his parents were forced to buy a simple mercury thermometers.Now the range is vast as that to make a simple choice is not so easy.

First you need to decide how you will measure the temperature.Typically, measurements are taken in the armpit, orally, rectally or pinna.Once you have decided, you can proceed to a difficult choice.

Parents who want to find the most easy to use a thermometer for children, it's best to pay attention to the temperature indicator.This indicator looks like a simple bar, where heat-sensitive painted squares.If you suspect the temperature of the strip must be applied to the forehead and after 1 minute, you will s

ee the result.This indicator is quite compact and completely safe, you can take with you to the country, picnic, walk, every day carry in her purse.The only drawback of this device is that it may not show the most accurate results, at times his disagreement with conventional thermometer is 1 degree.

considered more modern version of electronic thermometers.They are easy to use, but not as compact as indicators.In order to find out the baby's temperature, you'll need only a few seconds, the end of the thermometer works will be accompanied by an audible signal.Electronic thermometers are suitable for babies, but it is not recommended to use them while crying child.Electronic thermometers are universal, they can be used orally, rectally and under the arm.But universal thermometer prevents accurate measurements, as a rule, a difference of a few tenths of a degree.

Infrared thermometers are made specifically for temperature measurements in the ear of the child.Its result will be more accurate than the other analogs.Such thermometer for one second makes a temperature measurement 8, after which the highest score is displayed.In addition, the thermometer for a newborn has a memory function of previous measurements, and it is very convenient if you regularly follow and compare the temperature.

Despite the variety of thermometers, Sales still has our good old mercury thermometer.The advantages of this product include the always accurate and correct temperature measurement.The downside is considered its fragility and insecurity, as well as a long time to measure the temperature.As a thermometer for the newborn is not the best option.

If you ask how much it costs a thermometer, the unequivocal answer you get, it all depends on the specifications of the product, the manufacturer and the store in which you want to buy.Thermometer for newborn must necessarily be in every home where there are kids.It is best to have several products with different capabilities.