Collar for Cats - a multifunctional accessory

Indeed, not only dogs need collars, they are also needed for other our tailed friends - cats.Of course, if your pussy all the time lives in an apartment and did not go out, he may need it a couple of times in my life - for the photo.In other cases, the collar for the cat - a necessary thing. If you consider what are the types of these accessories, it immediately becomes clear when and why our furry darlings need them.

Beautiful collars

They come in handy for shooting the animal in the memorable photos for the exhibition.This collar is usually decorated with various stones, crystals and even diamonds.Everything will depend on the amount of money you are able to pay for a "toy".Usually pick contrasting colors hair accessory, well, if it is combined with the color of the eyes, emphasizing it.

to walk

If pussy "walks by itself", what is needed in this case the collar for the cat?It performs several functions, they ensure the safety of the animal.This accessory is selected based on the specific

situation in your country or in the courtyard, where there is a pet.If there is a road, you should purchase a reflective collar for cats.In this case, the animal will be clearly visible in the headlights of the car.If kitty - a lover to climb dark corners, you can purchase a collar with LEDs.Then you will see the favorite at a distance of a hundred meters.In that case, for example, your pet cat is prone to running away from home, do not interfere with the accessory ID.It is attached tag, on which you can write a phone number and address of the owner.

Treatment and prevention

very popular thing these days - protivobloshiny collar.For cats, who spend much time outdoors and actively "communicate" with other animals, it is a necessity.It is treated with special preparations, repellent external parasites: ticks and fleas.However, if the cat is already infected by them, to cure her, he will not help.You will need to use special shampoos or sprays, and only then put on the collar.There

accessories soothing effect.They are used for long trips, crossings, during the "courtship" and in other stressful situations.Material collar impregnated with synthetic feline pheromones, has a sedative effect.

Safety first

Since the cat - an animal that usually walks alone, unlike dogs, are constantly located close to the owner, to the fore the safety of the animal.Besides pussy - big fans climb trees and remote places.To avoid horrible situations where pet hangs, tripped over something, collar for cats should be easily removable.This effect is achieved in two ways: using special fasteners that at increasing pressure on them then loosened.Also makes accessories with elastic inserts, in the event of an emergency, the collar pulled up, and the animal's head to slip out of it.

known that cats - pets wayward, they can not prohibit penetrate wherever they want.And if you have a building or on a site next to a busy highway runs, or neighbors have a huge dog that is happy to have breakfast with your cat?In general, there are situations when it is necessary in any way to make sure that she did not go back to where you should not.For the disobedient dogs sometimes use strict collar.It is clear that the cat is such a thing does not fit.However, there is an accessory that, by the way, is used in training dogs.It is an electronic collar. current produced them is not dangerous, and it sends impulses to the skin of the animal, and the cat feels tingling.An electronic collar does not give the cat to go far from home.

How to choose

Collars do not need to wear kittens up to six months.Its width should be at pin 2 is greater than the circumference of the neck Kitties.Note the length of the hair, so pick up an accessory to buckle collar does not get entangled in the wool.