The daily routine newborn

Long nine months came to an end.Discharge from hospital is over, and you will finally become happy parents.It's no secret that this is not only infinite happiness, but also the daily worries and lack of sleep.Most young mothers complain of lack of time, chronic fatigue and so on.But all these problems can be avoided by setting up a daily routine newborn.It is made so difficult.The main thing - to show skill and perseverance in the first weeks of baby's life.

daily routine newborn

first months of life the child's needs are reduced to feeding, sleeping, bathing.If the baby is healthy, most of the time he sleeps and wakes up only for those to eat.In your power to make sure that while you were able to sleep, to deal with all household chores and itself.The penultimate feeding the baby falls to 8 pm.Many people make the mistake of giving the child awake after that.As a result, the entire family of 12 (the last feeding) am not asleep.By six need to have to wake up, because it's time for a newborn morning

comes and the first feeding.Such a regime will beat any of the rut.Fatigue accumulated lack of sleep affects the health and relationship.

How to establish a daily routine newborn

Output is very simple.After an eight-feeding a baby lay sleeping, and make themselves the same thing.At first it will be difficult to do.But be patient, you'll get his.At night, the child does not necessarily wake.You can feed and sleepy, then put back.Thus, you will be provided with a complete rest.To unusual for a baby to sleep early laying passed easily, you can do the following.Priurochte this time of the evening water treatment.The children warm some water relaxes and soothes.Make a gift for a newborn.After the bath, the baby spend a session of light massage with oil.It is beneficial for the skin, body, and even health.After that, the baby will be easier to fall asleep.At first it can be rocked in her arms.Children are very fond of.

Useful than the established regime of the day

Formed routine newborn brings invaluable.In the future, you'll appreciate this and understand that the efforts were not in vain.Gradually the need for night-feeding will disappear.For eighteen months the last meal you can move, stack toddler bed by nine o'clock in the evening.This mode can save up to eighth grade when you get it.After nine comes time parent and child should learn it.Mom and Dad can enjoy their business or just go to bed.

Another advantage is that through nekotoroevremya morning you can easily wake a child in kindergarten or school.Waking up will be even easier if the morning turn the cheerful music.And you, children, and it will certainly raise the mood for the whole day.

Strict daily routine has not harmed anyone.Your children will thank you when they grow up.Yes, and you yourself will be easier to make plans for the next day.You will always know when and what you need to do.