Capri Ladies - indispensable thing in any woman's wardrobe.

Capri women - is indispensable thing in any woman's wardrobe.This interesting type of clothing, as well as many other things, previously used only by men, and called breeches.In XVII-XVIII centuries, they were quite popular, and, together with long boots, regarded as a mandatory attribute while riding horseback.But in the early twentieth century women "stole" the idea of ​​breeches, and began to wear cropped pants, which allowed the ladies to look elegant and at the same time, quite shocking.

And then some lady Sonja de Lennart relaxing on the island of Capri, which lies on the Tyrrhenian Sea, near Italy, came up with a new style, which later was called Capri and women.

Classic Capri very well fit into any environment, of course, if it's a classic: straight pants ending in the middle of the calf.Summer women's capri pants bored easily replaced, and are pleased that they look great with shirts, blouses and classic jacket.

This year Capri did not lose its popularity, they are still at the peak of hi

s fame.They have many variations: Classic - the ones whose length is three-fourths feet, breeches of denim - look good with boots, a caddy - trousers with a narrowed cuffs klemdiggersy, tightly fitting on the legs, knee length, and many others.

Wear these unique pants can be almost any weather, if desired, even in winter.In spring and summer women's capris are in perfect harmony with light tops, shirts and blouses, with matching vest and a jacket.From shoes under them are suitable platform sandals or high-heeled sandals and light shoes.

If she thinks that she would not hurt to increase the length of the legs, you can wear capri pants, narrow down and pick up something with a heel - visually legs become slimmer.

If women have more forms will look better capris quiet pastel shades.Brightness is attracting too much attention to the forms.

But when colder, capri pants can be worn with boots or boots - this kit is perfect and leather jacket, her short and stylish coat.But with down jackets Capri did not look.It is also considered bad taste to wear short pants with a long coat, a fur coat, and the like - if the cabinet has capris must be something short, for example, coat.

way, capri pants for women - a brilliant find for the women in the family way!Because pregnant women are no less than the rest, I want to feel desired and beautiful.For this and come up with capri pants for pregnant women, who can buy and wear already in short term.They are taken into account and the constant growth of the abdomen, and the gain in weight of the expectant mother.On top of these pants are made of elastic tissue (gum), and in which the free leg to leg in pregnant women do not get tired, does not swell and the vessel did not hurt.In general, this is a great boon for women in the state who want to be stylish and beautiful.

Capri women can now be found everywhere - from markets to online stores.And there, and there in their purchase has its advantages and disadvantages.For example, the market price is, of course, is cheaper, but the pants there is substandard, fade after washing, or torn, because they sew them care more about speed and quantity than on quality.And besides, they are no different models of beauty and originality.Quality of Capri can be found in high-end stores - but the trouble is that the price for them will go off-scale.And the online store prices are reasonable, moreover, do not have to spend time searching.But we must know exactly your size and keep in mind what to order clothing may be too big or malomerit size or style.You can, of course, and an experienced seamstress sewing order specifying your favorite model in the fashion catalog.

In general, the output is always found - and capris certainly not interfere in the locker room.