Bandana on the head, around the neck or on clothing - a wide field for experimentation

This interesting article of clothing appeared in the fashion life of our country recently, but quickly gained immense popularity, supporters and even fan clubs.This is a small rectangular piece of fabric - stylish and colorful bandana, always comfortable, in most cases, appropriate and successfully combined with almost any clothing.

Many women do not even know what the original and extravagant may be using such a thing as a bandana on his head and a bandana armband.Such a little thing, made of wool, cotton, silk, ordinary synthetic or leather, can complement any image, complete it and to give a certain flavor, so the bandanas do not disregard even the stylists seeking to supplement them and improve.

In the new season, such dressings are very fashionable and relevant.You can use them to diversify strict office style - single-colored bandana noble material, tied at the neck, will look not only beautiful, but also very feminine, elegant that will allow its owner to not go unnoticed.Appropriate clothin

g will be an element in their free time - colorful bandana on his head decorated with the image or the name of your favorite musical group, will be the main decoration of the girl at a party or concert.And even if the fair sex considers inappropriate complement your wardrobe this thing, it is their own experiment with some ways to use it (as to tie a bandanna, for example, instead of the clips or rubber bands for hair) and to refuse such delights it can not.

This element of the wardrobe can be as different as daring and original owner of it - in fashion now dressings plain and multi-colored, with oriental, floral, abstract patterns, ornaments, shirts, prints and logos.Just imagine all the diversity of bandanas, it is difficult to believe that, in its historical significance, this subject has been very functional and did not claim to part of the decoration appearance.Bandana on his head was first bred by Spanish shepherds - and not to the hair, as it is in most cases in the world today, and in the neck, so that, if necessary, to cover their faces from the dusty winds.In the East, such a bandage, and to this day is used to protect the neck from the relentless rays of the sun, and the American cowboys used the example of the Spaniards, as also need protection from the clouds of dust raised by the hooves of cattle.

Modern bandanas, unlike their ancestors, the utility lost almost completely (unless, of course, we are not talking about replacing scrunchy or clip).Instead, they have become a bright accessory - knotted at the back of the head unit or elegantly tied in a kerchief, tucked into the belt loops on his jeans and wrapped around the waist, waving to the wrists or used as a neckerchief.Bandana on the head is able to tell the world about their views and preferences of the owner, as it is often placed on the logos and emblems of musical groups, sports clubs or companies.So-called "informal" wearing the garment with its own symbols - slogans or portraits of heroes and leather bandana has long been one of the traditional biker accessories.

And even those who do not belong to the above fans this convenient and stylish headbands, can evaluate its other appeal.For example, wool bandana or any other dense material not only looks nice, but warm in the cold season, and a thin slice of the silk fabric will be a great addition to an old jeans, giving them new life.