The variation of models and Skirts

Models skirts today stylists developed enough.Each of them has unique features created specifically for a particular type of figure.In order not to get lost in the world of fashion, you must know the difference between the models.This will help to more accurately select the item of clothing, taking into account features of a figure so that the skirt is best to sit and emphasized only the dignity of hiding flaws.

There are several kinds of classical skirts.

cylinders called wide skirt, gathered on a tape or braid at the hem.Since the 60s, it is considered part of a cocktail of fashion.Today occurs in retro collections.

vikel skirt - skirt option to smell.Wrapped around the body, and the spiral goes from the hem to the top of the bottom and top tied at the waist.

skirt-Cast is characterized by a straight cut, with a belt at the sides has convex joints, which often for decorative purposes otstrachivayutsya contrasting thread.

Zhyup-kyulot is the original model of the skirt, combined with the trousers


skirt- dome tailored in a straight line, the length of the average.With darts at the hips of the skirt is attached to a particular form of the dome.

Kilt known all their folds and Scottish cage.Compulsory piece - the smell.The front of the skirt is smooth, crease - on the sides and rear.Side fastens with a safety pin or straps.Historically, the subject of men's national costume Scotland.

outside Tutu ballet skirt is similar to the classic version of the dancers skirts of tulle, ruffles and flounces with.It has a very short length and, in contrast, quite impressive width.

crinoline - it's tough with a petticoat sewn hoop worn under a dress to give it a dome-shaped silhouette.These skirts models are now used only for theatrical dresses or wedding dresses.

Skort is a combination of a short skirt with shorts, the front looks like an ordinary short skirt with a smell.

Sarong is actually a scarf around her hips plowed by analogy with the clothes Indonesians.

Hip tailored in a way that keeps almost on the hips, waist strongly biased downwards, often embarks on the thighs gum.

"lame skirt" invented by Paul Poiret.Its length reaches the ankles, in the lap or under your knees skirt caught strip of fur.

skirt trapezoid is so called because of the downward flared shape.Just like a trapezoid, for young people developed a style bell skirt, which emphasizes the benefit slender legs and has a very soft line silhouette.

skirt bud is very romantic and beautifully emphasizes femininity.

Pencil skirt - universal model for office, evening and publication of any serious event.

Different models skirts completely different views on various women.Of course, first of all, the success and profitability of planting depends on the appearance of the figure.Each type of female figure best suited to certain types of skirts.This is known to all ladies who want to look in the eyes of others in the best light.

Skirts model for complete include those most advantageous variations can visually hide the extra fullness, like a pencil skirt and other models straight cut.

Skirts slender models are more diverse.Slim women are well suited to the knee length skirt, mini, flared, skinny model.It is better to avoid the maxi wardrobe item that is not hanging bag.

Skirts model for women with thin legs and hips are best model of a free cut, which cover the knees.It will be good to look any wrinkles or flared.

Skirts model for owners of wide hips should be chosen such that the fabric is not too clings figure.It is better to stop the election on a trapeze.