Firming Mask for hair will make your hair irresistible.

Health, density and of course, the beauty of the hair, is directly dependent on how well cared for.Shampoos, conditioners, air conditioning - it's not all the funds that ladies used to give a magnificent view of his hair.But the best remedy for hair care have always been restorative hair mask, giving them an additional nutrition and hydration.

modern hairdressing salons and offer a huge range of services to restore and improve the appearance of hair.But a mask for strengthening hair at home, made from natural ingredients available on its effectiveness in no way inferior to salon procedures.Yes, and they cost much cheaper, and they can do when your heart desires.

When selecting a mask, it is important to take into account the individual characteristics, structure and type of hair.

prone to fat hair needs yolk and bread masks.It is also very useful to do restorative hair mask with honey, brandy and mustard.For dry, brittle hair and split ends suitable moisturizing mask with vegetable oils.Onions irr

eplaceable part of masks for weakened, damaged hair.Normal hair masks kefir strengthened with the addition of fruit or vegetables.Kefir creates a protective film on the hair, which protects the cuticle from various injuries.

To achieve maximum effect, strengthen hair mask must be able to correctly apply.Here are a few tips that may come in handy:

- in the manufacture of masks need to strictly adhere to the recipe;

- resulting composition should be applied 1 hour before shampooing;

- first mask rubbed into the roots of the hair massage movements and the remaining part is uniformly distributed over the entire length;

- to enhance the effect, you can insulate the head with a towel, handkerchief, or polyethylene;

- need to wash off the mask with warm water and shampoo;

- to consolidate the results, you can rinse hair decoction of sage, chamomile and nettle, as well as water with lemon juice.

- make a mask 2-3 times a week to achieve the desired result.

Firming Mask for hair is easy to prepare yourself.

most common and simple way to strengthen the hair is massaging the scalp burdock oil.It is very simple and the inexpensive.But the effect of the mask - amazing.The hair becomes shiny and alive.In addition, burdock perfectly nourishes the scalp.And not only improves the process of hair growth, but also can be used to combat dandruff.

Another popular firming hair mask made from onion peel.For its preparation ostnovnoy ingredient pour boiling water on the basis of the proportions of three spoonfuls husk and a half liters of water.For dramatic effect simply wash your hair growing cold infusion once a week.The only disadvantage of this tonic - the presence of an unpleasant smell that comes from the hair for about a day after washing.

mask gives the hair shine, made from broth of parsley.It should take two tablespoons of the product and mix them with two glasses of water.The broth boil for 15 minutes, drain, let it brew and cool.Rinse the head after washing, and after several treatments to see - how beautiful your hair become.

mask of aloe strengthens and enhances the growth of hair.Egg yolk and clove of garlic mash, adding a spoonful of aloe juice and lemon.The resulting structure, apply to the hair with a towel and close half an hour.Then rinse with plain water composition and rinse decoction of chamomile.

care of hair, and they will always be your pride!