Trampoline for children - the first step for the sport

Why all kids dream of a trampoline?Although what prevaricate, parents are also happy to jump on this simulator.The secret of his popularity in the sensation of flight, which brings many emotions and triggers the release of adrenaline.A brief moment of flight excites, positive charges and activates the physiological processes in the body.His undoubted benefits.If you decide to buy a trampoline for children, do not hesitate for a second - to give joy to them and to myself.And what could be more wonderful for parents a happy and healthy child?
little history

trampolines first appeared during World War II in the circus.Presentation on them caused a storm of delight from the audience, and everyone secretly envied artists.After a few years in the military noticed a trampoline.So he migrated to the centers for pilots and parachutists.In the early 60-ies trampolines became available to the general public, they can be seen in virtually every amusement park.Since then, their popularity did not know downturns

.But 13 years ago the Olympic program supplemented with another discipline - Trampoline.
double benefit

impossible to overestimate the benefit of "prygalok" as they are called children.Trampolines house - it is the most cheerful and positive developing sports equipment.It harmoniously and uniformly develops various muscle groups, improves the coordination of movements, forms endurance, helps get rid of excess weight.And also it has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system and the musculoskeletal system, improves posture and circulation.All trampolines are divided into two main types: inflatable and spring.


inflatable trampoline . For children of all ages are ideal inflatable trampoline.These models are a huge variety of shapes, colors and themes - have ships, castles, slides, animals.Safety - the main quality of inflatable trampolines, kids simply nowhere to be injured.But it is possible and plenty naprygalis narezvitsya.Another advantage - they are easy to fold, expanded, inflated, carry.
trampoline arena. Such a trampoline for the children of young age difficult to distinguish from normal playpen.The model chosen by parents kids who are just learning to walk, but they are then a few more years.
Trampoline pool.He is very versatile , for which it and love from small to large, and can be used as a regular inflatable trampoline for children as a swimming pool and a means of pleasure.


spring trampoline or, as it is called, the simulator.The reason is a unique polypropylene fabric, tightly stretched over a steel frame.This trampoline for children often buy for outdoor entertaining.If the apartment has high ceilings, they can also be used indoors.Usually the size of this model - 3-4 meters in diameter.Withstands weight of up to 120 kilograms, which is perfect for group jumping for fun or parents.The design of qualitative models is particularly robust and simple enough.Sometimes they come with stretch mesh, which protects the child from falling to the ground.