Muslim Boys Names: what to choose

in many human destiny depends on how it will be called.That's why parents who want their child only good is called by his name, which is good value.Muslim Boys Names are given only in families in which adopted Islam.But due to the fact that they are very unusual, beautiful and varied, they sometimes give in families where taken, and other beliefs.

Muslim boys names were previously only available in Arabic.But now it is also considered to be those that come from any other languages, for example, Persian, Turkic, Tatar, Hebrew.The Muslim names of the boys in the first place chosen by the sense that they contain, not on beauty.Child called so that it all was good in life.

For example, weak babies could be called Arthur, Aziz Sabir, which means "strong, strong" or Salman, Nazif, Aman - that is healthy.In order for a child in the future to be successful and wealthy, there are Muslim names boys Ghani, Fayaz or Samat.To the head of the boy grew up, you can call it Amirhan Malik Amir, Rais, Emir Sultan, Sa


It should list the names of beautiful Muslim boys who were given that he grew up handsome and good.It Zarif, Husain Hasan Jamil, Elmir and Zinnat.There is also a belief that is this - that the future was a happy boy, it is worth to give it a name that carried one of the prophets of God.Among them - Abdul Samat, Kavi, Idris, Ghaffar, Sabur, Jakub, Fatah Aziz Qadir, Rahim, Qayyum and others.

In the mosque, there are books which are written the names of almost all the Muslim boys, as well as their values.There are times that parents decide to give the child a Russian name, but the ritual of his criticism to take place in a mosque.In this case, you need the second Muslim.It follows that the child will have two names.

worth plunge into history.Earlier, it was decided as follows - to give your child two names.And among them one present that was given at baptism (consecration), and knowing no one had to avoid spoilage.Sometimes there were cases that did not even know the man himself.

Each name is hidden a certain sense.And from him in the future will depend on the nature of man and his well-being and health.That is why many modern Muslim names of the boys have a value which is intended to provide its carrier happiness, mind and strength.Why are only some of them ... Dzhigan, which means the universe, Dinard, translated as "precious" or Zainulla, which means "decoration of Allah."

Today, many parents follow Muslim traditions, and called on children to the rules of their religion.Recently, there have been times when the children were given a completely absurd and meaningless names that meant commitment to moms and dads to socialism.And it was a great sin that clouded mind is not one hundred Muslims.

Fortunately, those days are gone.Today, there are a lot of different Muslim names.Only it is important to give your child something that came to him more than all the others, not to be mistaken.Names are many, and all are worthy to be worn by children.