What are they talented children?

Talented children - is a dream of almost all parents!Perhaps mom and dad hope that their child will be embodied all the best that he had inherited from them.In addition, a great reason to be proud of their child.

But talented children - not only those who know how to play the violin virtuoso, to solve problems of academic level or speak five languages.It is possible that a gifted child at first glance does not stand out among their peers.But it is only at first glance.In fact, there are several parameters that can determine the ability of the child.Here are some of them:

  • quickly learns quickly grasp new things;
  • has an excellent memory;
  • creative approach to problem solving, original in their judgments;
  • not depend on the team, can work alone;
  • has a great sense of humor;
  • highly motivated;
  • has broad interests;
  • demonstrates exceptional skills in critical thinking and problem solving;
  • has a wide vocabulary;
  • has a deep insight;
  • well read and knows how to apply the knowledge in practice.

Talented children are everywhere, they are born, regardless of country, race, or economic opportunities of parents.But that talent manifested itself in full, it must be noted, first, and then help develop.On the Internet you can often find a compilation entitled "Talented Children of the World", let's learn about some of these talents.

Three-year kid from Thailand plays the violin beautifully and gives recitals.He creates abstract paintings that radiate around the world for big money.The world famous Justin Bieber, who has in his fourteen years had success on a musical career.Six year old Amy from the Philippines has so much talent, as everyone wants to have, one of them - singing.

talented children of Russia and the CIS is not the last place in the ranking.Ten Andrei Khlopin solved the mystery of noctilucent clouds, on which the one hundred and fifty years, scientists have struggled.Its opening is recorded in the "Guinness Book of Records."Andrew Hodursky sixteen developed a system of lights for cars, which has since been patented in the United States.Daniel Landuhov graduated from high school and enrolled at the university, when he was only twelve years old.

Talented children were at all times.Everyone is familiar with the composer Mozart, but not everyone knows that in the age of three, he gave concerts on their own.Picasso started painting before speaking, and at fourteen he had his first exhibition.Lev Landau became a world-renowned scientist in his twenty-six years old, he graduated from the school at thirteen and nineteen - University, having by that time the four research papers.

can endlessly write about talented children, admiring their abilities and skills.Some of them subsequently manages to make a living with his talent, making it a favorite in the profession, and some gift wrapped homemade hobby.